Saturday, November 10, 2007

UMNO Assembly's Sexual (and Racist) Innuendos ver.2007

Last year's here.

Sexual innuendo 1: 'Closed factory' back by popular demand!

Quoting the noted paediatrician Dr Benjamin Spock, he advised those who can still do so to talk to the foetus in the womb, saying he could not because his “factory had closed down”.

Najib brought the house down when he continued: “Application for a new 'factory' is definitely rejected. So I can’t; but who can?”

As if on cue, the crowd said almost in unison: “Pak Lah.”

Najib repeated the name of his president, while looking towards him, smiling broadly.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his wife Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah sportingly laughed along with the congregation.

Somebody's definitely will be getting some ear-twisting soon. Oh, and the last time I heard somebody applied for a 'factory', was that being C4-ed up? ;-)

Sexual Innuendo 2: Expanding Bedroom for Bedminton*

When Azimi, debating on Thursday, said housewives should not insist on renovating their kitchens when they received bonuses, Badruddin chipped in saying it was better for them to instead expand the bedroom.

* my addition

Sexual Innuendo 3: Testicles Organ Donation

Even Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein was not spared when Badruddin said the Umno Youth chief had a nose that could be used to peel coconut husk.

The sexual innuendos continued the next day when Badruddin interjected that Hishammuddin would be a "hot item" if he signed up as an organ donor.

Hishammuddin responded that his prized possession could in fact benefit two organ recipients.

Sexual Innuendo 4:'The Tunnel'

Zaleha also related an experience of her friend from Sabah that the stewardesses did not only exposed their legs but also leaned forward, to which acting chairman Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin quipped “nampak terowong lah (can see tunnel)”.

Racist Innuendo 1: The 'K' Word and the Fly

“When a fly lands on a Malay’s shirt, he will swipe it off. When it lands on a … (term deleted for propriety), he will catch it and eat it. When it lands on a Chinese, he will catch it and ask how much you want to pay for it?” he said to laughter from the floor.

Kamal gave another story: “At the dining table, the Chinese place on their plate what they want from the common dishes before they start eating. But the Malays are polite, they finish one dish first before going for some more food. By the time, the food on the table is already gone.”

Racist Innuendo 2: The Dark Complexion 'Illegal Immigrant'

At times, flirting with the risk of sounding racist and sexist, Badruddin left the audience shell-shocked when he made comments on appearance and physical attributes.

Dark-complexioned Kedah representative Kamal Saidin who was debating the motion on religion and social affairs was told that he looked like a Bangladeshi worker, to the roar of the floor.

"Did you bring along your work permit?" he said.

Racist Innuendo 3: The 'M' word.

On Thursday, when Penang delegate Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir spoke beyond the allocated time, Badruddin complained that it was difficult dealing with a mamak.

Musa immediately warned Badruddin: "Be careful using the term mamak. We are Penang Malays."

This is the so-called 'better grasp of Islam Hadhari'?

Welcome to the Blue Nazi regime's General Assembly!

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