Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Was There Really A Planned (And "Failed To Materialize") BERSIH Talk in Batu Buruk?

Was There Really A Planned (And Failed To Materialize) BERSIH Talk in Batu Buruk?

How come the Goebbels got to know it first before we do? Something's fishy...

PravdaStar reported that Anwar was going to give a talk.

Naturally, one would straight away visit Anwar's blog to find out if he is already whoring the event. But it is reported that he is now in Mecca.

NaSTyGoebbels speaketh that it was organised by BERSIH.

Again, naturally, one would fire up the BERSIH website to see if any announcement was posted about the talk. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've found none.

PAS didn't whore about the event. Malaysiakini didn't.

It seems that only the Goebbels/Pravdas did.

Mind enlightening us, Eli? Nat? Nik?

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