Sunday, November 11, 2007

What Do You Do When You Are The Pravda of the Nation?

The Pravda. [Pic source]

Your function is to hypnotize.

You put in your front page that the Blue Nazi/Commie is helping to fuel the poor. To make everybody thinks that the march was about fuel hike.

You stress the word illegal. Illegal. Illegal.

You use the word chaos.

You use the word 'aggresive'.

You divide the number of the crowd to the factor of 10 and you put the number of Militsiya as a quarter of the crowd to prove your point.

It seems that what the 'Oh, I'm not sure when to come out of the closet' and 'Thou shalt not marry now'-nauts brought back from their Russian expedition is their former Soviet.

Hait! Pantang dicabar! (from Aisehman)

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