Tuesday, November 27, 2007

(Yawn!) Why The Sudden U-turn/Flip-flop?

Yawn! As if you are first day in Malaysia.

First of all, we have the steep Highlands U-turn from Devamany. Read more from Jeff.

Then, we have this particular lapdog paper having all the (relatively) positive news on the HINDRAF rally.

Lapdog turned pedigree? Only if a dog f*cks a cat! Some Double Latuk has sniffed something, probably.

[Source] Just ask the ever prosperous-looking Kak Dah why the sudden flip-flop.

Devamany? Or Money is Dewa (Money is God)? You decide...

On the other hand, the NaSTy ones continues to be...duh...NaSTy...

Ain't Google Reader cool? You could just scroll down these bullimic-inducing spins in just a whiz...

And why not? Somebody said that it's a Quote:Hindu/Indian vs. Muslim/Malay:Unquote thing, so why bother apologising?

[Pic from Mave]

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