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[2007 Flashback] Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Non-Exhaustive Track Record List (Part 2)


Tutup Kes, Buka Kes

Johari Baharum - case closed.

Tambak Paya Hindu Temple Demolition: UMNO Youth's or Malay Villagers' Problem?

Malaysiakini reported:

The temple has been given a deadline until next Tuesday to tear down its renovated portion because its increase in size was not welcomed in a Malay village.

IGP Musa Hassan - case opened.

Opposition wants Mr. Lembik to sack IGP.

Najib: Malaysia Is Not A Secular State; Driven By Islamic Fundamentals


The Jo-IGP War Continues...

The Deputy Minister is blaming the IGP for sloppy investigation which led to the acquittal of two suspects in a Kuantan murder:

The Internal Security Ministry has demanded a report from the police on their "sloppy" investigation which resulted in two men being acquitted of murder in Kuantan Monday.

Deputy Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said this was not the first time that a police team had blundered in its investigations.

"At times, we cannot avoid such loopholes and weaknesses due to inexperienced police officers although the police have scored many successes in solving murder cases.

"I hope the police will come up with an explanation. We hope to find a better solution in future," he told reporters after a ground-breaking ceremony for a police station in Seri Petaling today.

Meanwhile, the Godfather of Grapevine reported that the officers involved in arresting the 'untouchables' were instead 'called up for interrogation and now have to face disciplinary action for arresting the boss of bosses without the approval from the top'.

The Royal Malaysian Police is now split into two camps. On the one side is the Commercial Crime Division which made its move on the Chinese organised crime syndicate on the instructions of the Deputy Minister of Internal Security. On the other side is the Criminal Investigation Division that appears to be the protector of the Chinese organised crime syndicate. One wants to get rid of the Chinese organised crime syndicate and the other wants to get rid of the police officers who wish to get rid of the Chinese organised crime syndicate. And at the pinacle of this very weird pyramid is the Minister of Internal Security.

Gotta stop now - don't want to be the pelanduk between the two fighting gajahs. Also don't wish my wife to be called up; not like I have one already.

Disaster, Horror, But No 'Kamikaze' From Chan Kong Choy?

These consecutive front pages for two days tell all...

Islam-as-I-say-tion: Syariah Laws To Replace English Common Laws?

Islam-as-I-say-tion is a term coined by lawyer and blog activist, Haris Ibrahim.

The Nation's Most Insinuative Vernacular Paper(TM), Utusan Malaysia, front-paged this yesterday:


Also, from MCA's mouthpiece:

[Source]. Scan by Doc Mave.

It wasn't explicitly expressed which law should replace the English Common Law, but coming from a seminar organised by the Islamic Understanding Institute of Malaysia, you know which law he meant.

Malaysia's Latest LexiCON Additions: Bailout = 'Soft-loan', Private Jet Purchase = 'Lease Only'

Malaysia's Latest LexiCON Additions:

Jan 2007: Private Jet Purchase = 'Lease Only'


August 2007: Bailout = 'Soft-loan'


50 years kah?

Dick Is Happy-ly Scot-Free Again...

Kau tim.

All charges dropped against Zakaria, partners


KLANG: All 37 charges against controversial Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros and five of his business partners instituted by the Companies Commission (CC) have been withdrawn.

The CC had taken Zakaria and the five to court by virtue of their position as directors of Harvest Court Industries Bhd and Titi Steel Sdn Bhd, which had contravened the Companies Act 1965.

Each charge could be punished with a fine of up to RM30,000 and five years jail.

They were charged for failing to notify of change of address, failing to hold annual general meetings, failing to submit financial statements and failing to submit profit-and-loss accounts.

Mozni Sham Ahmad and Joseph R. Samuel who appeared for Zakaria, his partners and the two companies said the charges were withdrawn because the "outstanding problems had been settled".

Companies Commission's prosecutor Azmil Haron told magistrate Fadzilatul Isma Ahmad Refngah that he had been instructed to withdraw the charges against the two companies and its directors.

Ganyang Malaysia, 2007?

No thanks to our super efficient Polis Raja di Malaysia.

It was downplayed by the mainstream media when the news broke out yesterday...


..even though the paper accused of being 'The Rocket 2' reported on it today:

But it was pretty big especially in our 'abang' nation and around the world (well, at least in Google News).



DAP Made BN's Budget 2008 Looked Like A Plagiarised Material?

"Together", "Sharing", "Nation building", "Tolerance"...yawn!!!

All the reports from 1999 could be downloaded here.

Explain the irregularities, eh, Najib?


Why not start with your own ministry first?

Pak Lah Doesn't Know The 'Crony' Word; Zam Should Remind Him That "Malays Thrive on Cronyism"

Apologies for the delay to blog about this but the statement by Zam just cropped out of my mind recently.

Pak Lah’s latest “I don’t know” : The word 'cronyism'


Perhaps he needs Zam to remind him that Quote "The Malays thrive under the crony system" Unquote.

[Source: The Star, circa 21st August 2006; Newspaper scan by Doc Mave]


[Pic source]

5 'No's:

NO legal power

power to call witness

power to administer oaths

NO immunity under the law

NO power to protect witnesses





Pak Telinga Besar-Lah

~lang, Work With Me, Not For Me, Tell Me The Truth...and now, I Have Big Ears.

[Pic source]

He knows that we are angry? Awww....

MSM GEICs: "You Want Feel Good Survey On The Front Page, Boss? We'll Give You Front Page"

All the Wongs and Kalis say together: "You Want Feel Good Survey On The Front Page, Boss? We'll Give You Front Page"

Okay, starting from the 25th of November, by the Merdeka Center...

Seriously, What Law Have They Aboved?

Lawyers have aboved the law?

For murdering someone?

For raping someone?

For robbing someone?

For burglaring someone?

For carrying a banner?

5 HINDRAF ISA Arrestees = 5 Decades of Blue Nazi's Oppression Towards The Minority (And Also The Non-Supporter 'Majority')

The 5 Arrestees


5 Decades of Blue Nazi's Oppression Towards The Minority (And Also The Non-Supporter Majority)...

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