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[2007 Flashback] Wow, What A Year For Malaysian Bloggers! (Part 1)



NST Sues Mr Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun and Mr. Ahirudin Attan For 'Bloody Death' Post?


"Bloggers Sow Seeds of Discord Among Races and Religions"

From Bernama:

Government Asked To Curb Bloggers

KUALA LUMPUR, March 29 (Bernama) -- The government has to find ways to curtail bloggers from abusing the Internet to spread lies and defame the leaders, said Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob (BN-Bera).

"We notice that a lot of bloggers have been sowing the seeds of discord among the races, religions... I believe there must be a limit," he said in a debate on the royal address in the Dewan Rakyat here today.

He felt that there ought to be a law governing bloggers like those imposed on the print and broadcast media.

"The people believe more in the bloggers than the newspapers... I am aware that a newspaper was censured by the Internal Security Ministry for publishing a sensational story but the bloggers could continue churning out malicious stories," he said.

This is what Bernama wrote:


To quote:

"The information posted on the blog website may be something provocative, politically motivated, inaccurate and are mostly rumours floated for the interests of certain parties," he said.

And this is what The Star wrote:


Gee, I'm Only One Of The 2000 and I'm Unemployed


Negligible Quote of the Day

BLOGGERS using locally hosted websites may be asked to register with the authorities, Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said.

He said registration was one of the measures the Government was considering to prevent the spread of negative or malicious content on the Internet.

Cyber Media Unit = The New Special Branch?

Ladies and gentlemen, this just in:

Cyber Media Unit To Counter Misinformation On The Net

KUALA LUMPUR, April 24 (Bernama) -- The Information Ministry is to set up a cyber media section soon to counter misinformation on government policies posted on the Internet by irresponsible people and to disseminate the correct information to the public.

Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye said today the move was mooted in view of the growing importance of the Internet as a powerful communication tool and especially in the wake of the technology being abused by some quarters to spread misinformation on subjects of national interest.

"This special unit will be purely working to disseminate information, explain correct information and counter the misinformation on government policies for the general public.

"We are in the midst of finalising the administrative part and it will come into effect very soon," he told reporters after witnessing the signing of a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between Open University Malaysia (OUM) and the Asian Institute for Communication Development (Aidcom) to offer a Development Communication Diploma Programme for working adults, at OUM here.

Chia said the unit would also work to rectify misinformation posted against national interest both in local and international registered domains.

He added, however, that the unit would have no power to take action against the irresponsible bloggers. "Our role is not to take action against them but rather to give the general public the correct and better information through the Internet," he said.


UPDATED Jan 1st 08: How could I missed this out?


Malaysia Bodoh'/Michael Backman Back Again With Top 20 Asian Progressives

He's back again, sans 'Malaysia Bodoh' or the Fat Lady attack. In fact, we have FOUR spots!

Read the full article here.


Though more robust than that of Singapore, Malaysia's media is nonetheless tame. All significant media outlets are sympathetic to the government, there is little investigative journalism and discussion of many issues is discouraged. The newspapers focus endlessly on crime and lifestyle issues, and Malaysians tend to buy them for their job ads and to find out what's showing at the cinema. Increasingly, the serious reporting and commentary is done by bloggers, of which Raj Petra Kamarudin's is the best.

Petra, a nephew of a former king of Malaysia, founded Malaysia-today in 2004 and works on it full time. The site now gets an astonishing 1.8 million hits on an average day, making it much more popular than any Malaysian newspaper. Malaysia-today plays an enormously important role in its attempts to keep the government accountable. It reports on ministers' many business interests, nepotism and just about anything else that the government would prefer to keep quiet. Petra uses the site to denounce money politics, corruption and Malaysia's endless fascination with race and race-based politics. A popular, ongoing series is the Khairy Chronicles, which provides an account of the doings of the prime minister's young, unelected, but highly influential son-in-law.

Many reports have been made against Petra to the police, agents from Malaysia's Special Branch have questioned him on several occasions and his computers have been seized. Recently, he reported how the government intended to use a nominee company to borrow $50 billion, in order to avoid recording the loan as government borrowing. He has also reported on a particularly grisly murder that appeared to implicate senior government figures.


May 05, 2007 18:29 PM

Zainuddin Proposes Classification Of Web Bloggers

KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 (Bernama) -- Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said today Malaysia has to classify web bloggers as professionals and non-professionals as a mechanism to prevent misuse of blog sites.

He said he believed that professional bloggers were those who were more responsible in ensuring that their web content was based on the truth and not rumours.

"This classification will also facilitate the action to be taken against those found to have violated the country's laws," he told a press conference at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), here.

Zainuddin said certain people in the country had misused blog sites for their own interest and that of their groups, including by touching on matters enshrined in the Federal Constitution such as those of a religious nature and others that sparked uneasiness among the multiracial population.

"We have to control this. It is feared that these (blog sites) will be misused by those who have an agenda to spread slander. By right, there should be a mechanism to control this phenomenon, including by classifying web bloggers as professionals and non-professionals," he said.

Zainuddin said this was important in enabling the people to determine whether they could trust a certain matter and whether the blog content was the truth or a rumour that could cause discomfort or undermine unity.

"Placing trust in news based on rumours was a practice that existed before the advent of newspapers but the situation is different today when we have newspapers and television stations to disseminate information," he said.

The minister said that during his recent visit to France, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nice-Matin Press Group, Michel Camboul, had mentioned the need for the French government to classify bloggers and expressed concern over blog sites having an impact on newspaper circulation and the buying of advertisements in newspapers there.

Zainuddin said the Internet had yet to be widely used by the people in Malaysia and if blog sites became an alternative press that forced the shutdown of newspapers, the rural people who depended on newspapers would be denied the right to information.

He reminded web bloggers not to touch on matters that had been agreed upon by consensus by the multiracial population in the country, such as the special position and privileges of the Malays, the Rulers, and Islam, so as to maintain peace and harmony.


Step-by-step, Bit-by-bit, They Are Going To Get You...

Investment scams.


Opposition blogs.

Dissenting blogs.


Who Is The Blogger?



FYI, a blogger will be appearing on national TV tomorrow night.

Rocky's Bru Omitted Out From Fast Forward Forum in RTM2 Now

Only Pak Non (theSun) and Bunn Nagara (The Star) are talking now on RTM2.

Part 2 coming up soon.

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