Friday, December 14, 2007

Call Off The Search, IPCMC's Off, Special Complaints Commission (SCC)'s In

Blue Nazi's Lies!

Remember that there was a commission set up to establish it?

But this is what we get instead:


Yup, we almost literally get The Face of Nazi in half of the news article. You want to complain about the police and the other civil servants, you complain to him lah, see what you get.

It's also reported by Malaysiakini. But no, it wasn't reported by the other major propaganda daily. Talking about low key, eh?

If you really want me to get into details of what you could expect out of it, here's something for you:

"The members of the task force can be drawn from the ACA, Bank Negara, Securities Commission, National Audit Department, police and other members of the civil service, including officers from the Judicial and Legal Services Department," Nazri said.


The commission is empowered to reject any complaint which it thinks has no merit.

Still have the tiniest little faith in Blue Nazi and The (Literally)Dumb-o Sleepy Head?

Even the former chairman of the royal commission is disappointed.

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