Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dodge It Like Abdul Rashid (EC Chief) And Still Get Extended (Or In Spite Of It?)

Back in January (hat-tip to Walski):


To quote:

"When you talk about the dead on the rolls, I admit there are a lot," Abdul Rashid, Malaysia's Election Commission chairman, said on Friday.

"That's why we are going from village to village to verify the dead."



To quote:

"On our part, we have resorted to other means like sending people to the villages to check and see whether the person is dead or alive."

His speech hasn't changed a bit since January, has it?

Woah! Pergi dari kampung ke kampung, cari sampai ke lubang cacing pengundi mati?

Kononnya lah.

Now, where's that 09XXXX-0X-XXXX IC No. that was busted by some bloggers sometime ago when you need it?

And back in January, he dodged it like this:

He blamed the voter register discrepancy on poor data collection, archaic election laws and bureaucratic red-tape.

In one case, a woman voter who died in 1975 at the age of 77 was still listed on the 2006 rolls.

And now, he dodges it like that:

Abdul Rashid admitted that the present system had room for improvement but it was up to the government to introduce these changes and implement them.

"We cannot even propose the changes because it is not our job to do so. Our job is just to see through the electoral process in accordance with the law."

He can criticize the government as long as he wants. He can also ask people to submit memorandum to the Supreme Ruler for a clean election (as reported by Malaysiakini), as he knows nothing will change. See why he is so suitable for the job, and was even given past-expiry date retirement age extension?

Brilliant cartoon by Zunar of Malaysiakini.

Now, what's that BERSIH rally for again?

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