Monday, December 17, 2007

Fake Merdeka Centre 'Street Protests' Survey: Results Produced Even Before Survey Conducted!

Pathetic. So bloody pathetic. Lie also dunno how to lie. It's so bloody obscene lar, Wong!

Click on image for larger view. Scan by Doc Mave.

To quote:

This was revealed in a survey conducted by the Merdeka Centre between Dec 17 and Dec 21.

Lemme check the calendar. Are we on some sort of a time machine sh*t-toiletpaper here?

I guess so. Yes.

And no, it's not available online. Maybe was omitted like the last time.

If you are really interested of what survey this Merdeka Centre has been conducting, these are the three:

Here, lemme give you a tip. Next time cover up your butt crack if you want to bend over for the PM.

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