Saturday, December 15, 2007

A 'Friendly' Message From Your MSM: "Indians Are Well-To-Do (And So They Should Shut Up?)"

From history lessons...

To quote:

"In terms of poverty, the Bumiputeras numbered the most in terms of the hardcore poor bracket. This indicated that despite achieving independence for 50 years, and coupled with various developments, the Malays have gone back to square one and remained in the lowest rung of the society strata in terms of wealth gains.

Hence, the accusations hurled by Hindraf were total lies and this have saddened the Malays who are actually the people who have the right to 'rebel' but did not do so as they are from a race that is responsible, patient and willing to tolerate apart from exercising flexibility for the sake of the country's prosperity. They know that the government has implemented measures that would benefit all, including the minority group like the Indians as well as the majority Malays." 'Malaysian (Rich) Stories'


It's all concerted. Concerted.

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