Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oi, Agnes Hor, You Want Feel Good News, Read The MSM, Not Malaysiakini Hor

Can you believe this? Somebody's from Bedol's Slumberland decided to write a letter to Malaysiakini for 'violating her human rights'!

Reading Malaysiakini violates my human rights
Agnes Hor | Dec 11, 07 4:43pm

I applaud Malaysiakini for setting up a website where Malaysians can read news about our country. While I advocate freedom of speech, I find that having to subscribe to read any of Malaysiakini news is most distressing and a violation to my human rights.

It beggars the belief that you are set up to provide true stories of the nation! What springs to mind is that you are an organisation set up to run sensationalised news. Such news is what sells. You are but a company out to make money by offering sensationalised news to Malaysians.

Almost every single piece of news on your website portrays negativity. Reading the headlines only gives me the impression that Malaysia is run by a Hitler-type government. It gives me the impression that we are a third world country where people are dirt poor, only politicians in power are rich, the country is in ruins and nobody but the Malay have any rights! Frankly, the news you carry seems to be extremely sensationalised and the entire website is rich with negativity. For a moment, I thought I was reading news about a third world country.

As a fellow Malaysian, I lived in the same country as you do. What you portray in your website comes across as irresponsible journalism! There is no positive news on the website. I find that hard to believe. I disagree with the special privileges for bumiputeras and I have been a “victim” of that system when I was younger, but I do not see how encouraging such negative talk and promoting negative news can help make changes.

I demand that the Malaysian government move forward and make the necessary changes to take the country into the next century. I demand that all Malaysians - be it Malays, Chinese, Indian, aborigines or any other races - take responsibility for their own well-being, work hard and not expect anymore handouts from the government.

Erhmmm, lady, I thought Malaysiakini is a subscription-based news website. If it 'violates your human rights' that much, why don't you just stop subscribing to it?

Nevertheless, kudos to Malaysiakini for publishing this letter. Let the responses roll.

Wake up to reality, lady!

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