Thursday, December 06, 2007

OMFG, They Really Think There's Really A Dr. Ng Seng Out There? And PM Dept's Website Is A Blog?

No, I do not mean the real Sengs with the surname Ng, who are medical doctors or doctorates. (For background on 'Dr. Ng Seng', visit here).

I mean this:

For larger view, click on image. Or for full text, visit here.

5 'seditious' blog contents but only 1 arrest made, none other than yesterday's (Dec 5th) 27th B-Day Boi, Natty:

He said to date only one arrest had been made involving seditious articles in blogs and the investigation in the case is in the final stages.

"The police are looking at whether to proceed with prosecution or not in this case, involving Nathaniel Tan over a posting in his website" he said in reply to a supplementary question from Raime Unggi (BN-Tenom) in the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament) today.

Bet his site traffic must have shoot up a lot, huh. Which is kinda strange that his blog is not even listed in the so-called "TOP 100 blogs in the Malaysian blog community (according to SocialRank)" e-mail that some of you might have got it.

And now, here's the main point:

The other cases investigated involved a private company director over a seditious posting in his company website, Dr Ng Seng over a posting on the Prime Minister Department’s website, Wee Meng Chee on his NegaraKuku posting in YouTube and an email containing seditious material involving racial sentiments.

WTF? They really think the real author Dr. Ng Seng, is really Dr. Ng Seng? If you know what I mean...

While Natty is speculating whether the Pak Telinga Besar-lah is going to jail with him, I'd say, the PM Dept's website is considered a blog? Your* grandmother is Queen E then.

*Does not apply to Princes William and Harry. ;-)

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