Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pak Telinga Besar-Lah

~lang, Work With Me, Not For Me, Tell Me The Truth...and now, I Have Big Ears.

[Pic source]

He knows that we are angry? Awww....

But didn't he already knew that back in March 2006, just after the fuel hike protests?

[Source: Doc Mave]

Here's another IQ-Ling-Ling quote from him:

"Comparing the republic to the whole of Malaysia would be like comparing a durian with a mango.

"To be more realistic, you have to compare an apple with an apple," he said.

How's the Compendium of Blah's Flowery Slogans going on, Doc Mave? Can challenge Amir's Darndest anytime, you know. ;-)

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