Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Public University Lecturers Flaming Racial Sentiments in Ethnic Studies Lectures?

Just got this from my daily dose of online news.

UPDATED: As per requested, the video link is here.

Don't ask me what the subtitle means. You banana, so am I. :P

It was about some students in UM complaining to Ong Tee Keat about some lecturers got heated up with racist sentiments during lecturing the controversial Ethnic Relations Studies. Couldn't find it in any of the Pravdas and Goebbels, but here was the event. The news was reported in China Press, via Lapdog Paper.

And he conveniently brushed aside saying that it is none of his ministry's business and the students should lodge a formal complaint to their VC...

...which she said that the students should lodge a formal complaint directly to the lecturer(s) involved.

I was just thinking, if someone was suspended from uni for refusing to let his bag checked, isn't that doing the above is like writing a death sentence for yourself?

Perhaps Malaysiakini should do some investigative journalism in this case.

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