Monday, December 10, 2007

Seriously, What Law Have They Aboved?

Lawyers have aboved the law?

For murdering someone?

For raping someone?

For robbing someone?

For burglaring someone?

For carrying a banner?

For carrying a piece of paper?

For taking a stroll at the streets?

For putting up banners at own's premise?

For more photos, visit Suzanne Lee's photopages.

Is it UMNO's law or Malaysia's law?

Soon, the human basic needs and rights (by Maslow)...

[Pic source]

...could be limited to this, in Malaysia.

Yes, basically you are born and bred in Malaysia to breathe (hazy air), eat (pricey food), drink (shitty water), have sex (severely oppressed one), sleep (or the lack thereof), homeostasize, to shit and piss and to vote for the Blue Nazi.

p.s. Kudos to theSun for juxtaposing Ananda Krishnan's advertisement with the lawyer's stroll-in-the-street.

Yes, really hoped that the kids who surf faster see more, learn more and do more, for Malaysia.

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