Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Ultimate Charming Charmin Toilet Experience at Times Square New York City

Think you need hundred-thousand-ringgit toilets to impress tourists?

Well, the best things in life are free in the greatest city in the world! Presenting...a toilet post by Howsy...The Ultimate NYC Charming Charmin Toilet Experience at Times Square

Hell, it's a whole building of toilets! There's even escalators leading to them. I was actually quite reluctant to go in at first, thinking that I had to pay premium fees for premium toilets. But what the heck, decided to give it a try and if it was really expensive, I could just back down at the last minute.

Went there twice. The queue was okay at the first time....

Did you see that chaperone? Yup, there had chaperones to guide you to the toilets! And they are funny too!

What's next after 'doing you business'? You get to vote! You are either a STRONG or a SOFT supporter. Hmmm....

Tourists and visitors can even put their kids in the limelight on stage to do a little bit of dance and photo-op!

Need more? You could even be a fan of the toilet paper brand by purchasing some of their merchandise at the store there!

Now, now. How does the toilet look like? Well, this is a disabled one which I used. Hey, the chaperone directed me to there. And I don't see anyone being offended.

You could use the toilet as long as you want, whether it is for a 'small' or a 'big' business, or a you-know-what. But be considerate to the people waiting in the line. ;-)

They also did a survey with tourists around the world called 'Flush-o-Meter' - either they are STRONG or SOFT supporters.

And here are 3 videos that I took at the restrooms.

The first one, me 'doing business'...

The second one: What you could do after 'doing your business'...

The third one: The theme song for the toilets!

Want to know more about the toilets? Visit their website here. Or read about it in the news.

A brilliant marketing tool by P&G, I would say. Now, it seriously makes me want to buy their toilet rolls. Yes, our relationship is going to last so longgggggg when we're dancing cheek to cheek....

p.s. Don't worry. The PPS ping title is just a joke.

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