Monday, December 10, 2007

Yet Another 'Leading' Newpaper Editorial Instigating For The Use of ISA

On Saturday, we had this...


Today, we have this (true to their kowtowing and lapdogging tradition as in their association, this paper always parrots the paper above)....


To quote:

Yesterday, about 100-odd people, including lawyers, some linked to Parti Keadilan Rakyat, and activists, went ahead with a protest march although the Bar Council had called it off. As lawyers, they should know the law better, even if they disagreed with it and taking to the streets is something new to Malaysian politics.

Nat said:

Not satisfied with twisting our present, they attempt to try and twist history as well.

Do your homework dimwits. The real beginnings of the ISA are in British colonial history, not the result of some “social contract.”

I say:

As editors (and journalists), they should know the history better, even if they must lick their masters' balls so explicitly in public, they must know the history that taking to the streets is something not new to Malaysian politics.

Want some examples?

[Pic source]

[Pic source]

[Pic source]

Yes, MSM editors are really third-rate (and even much more lower) bloggers.

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