Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Your Rough Guide To Holding A Rally in Blue Nazi-ruled Malaysia

Carry a banner? Kena tangkap!

Carry a piece of paper?
Kena belasah!

Taking a stroll on the streets?
Kena jailed!

It's hard to get it and understand what are the laws you ought to be not above, you know, nowadays...

So here, The Sensintrovert publishes this Your Rough Guide To Holding A Rally in Blue Nazi-ruled Malaysia.

Main priority. Sure kasi lalu.

Simian-like facial expression obligatory.

[Source: Natty's Images]

BERSIH? Yellow wave? Sure tear gas and water cannon!

Undilah Blue Nazi? Blue wave? Sure kasi lalu.

Yellow attire and headbands? Banned!

Blue attire and UndiBlueNazi headbands? They'll worship you!

Ahnes, thambis and machas holding blue banner? They'll throw you in jail and label you terrorists!

'Soak blood' banner? Hey, you could even become the DPM and PM-in-waiting*!

*subjected to right kulitfication.

Lawyers upholding human rights? They are not above the law lar...

Lawyers supporting the BlueNazi and even becoming a member of them? Congratulations, you have dignity and you'll even become the Chief Justice!

Last but not least, a cheeky one...

Hell No!

[Picture source]

Or, maybe...

You get it now? Now, any takers?

BERSIH and HINDRAF rally from Malaysiakini. Apologies to them for modifying the photos; I'm just trying to make a point here. ;-)

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