Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ah, The Good Ol' Malaysian Mainstream Media

Remember when Malaysiakini ran the breaking news on CJ/Lingam-gate?


Like ghosts seeing the light and a washing machine, the MSM hid and spin it like nobody's business. Jeff Ooi did this media monitoring:

The Bar Council has jumped, probably fuming mad. But how is the Shock-A-Lingam Tape being presented in the mainstream press? Is the country's editor-in-chief a phone call away?

The English Press:

  1. The Star (in a story by Shahanaaz Habib and Shaila Koshy okaaaay?) can't name names.

    Instead, it became well schooled in nouns and adjectives like "a prominent lawyer", a "very senior judge", "a number of prominent judges", "a prominent businessman and a politician, both of whom were close to the then Prime Minister".

    A totally different treatment from Razak Baginda before he was officially charged.

  2. theSun, which is substantially-owned by Vincent Tan, does not run runs a 5-para story stuffed at the bottom corner of Page 4, as evident in its e-paper edition.

    Also no names named, just "a lawyer" and "a senior judge"

  3. The NST carries nothing related on its online version (please alert Screenshots if you saw it in print version).

    UPDATES: There is a 10-para on NST Online now (12:25hr, Thursday). No names named. Nouns and adjectives used are "a senior lawyer", "a top member of the judiciary", "a former DAP stalwart", "a tycoon", "a minister" and "several senior judicial officials".

The Chinese Press:

  1. Oriental Daily News blacks out the story on its pages, but runs the story online.
  2. Sin Chew Daily runs a 6-para on Page 08.
  3. Nanyang Siang Pau runs an 11-para online. It's on Page A3.
  4. Penang-based Kwong Wah runs an 8-para, aping what The Star made do with adjectives and nouns: " 某律师 ", " 一名巫裔内阁部长及华裔企业家 ".
  5. The China Press runs a 12-para deep in Page 04. Online version carries an additional photo.
  6. Guang Ming Daily is more forthcoming with a 16-para, 3 subheads and 2 photos, one linking to the YouTube.

The Malay Press:

  1. Utusan Malaysia, directly owned by Umno, runs a black-out.
  2. Berita Harian, indirectly owned by Umno, is not seen as carrying it on its online portal. (Please alert Screenshots if you saw the print version.)

The Правда (Pravda):

  • National News Agency Bernama also runs a blackout on its public portal but reminds people that postage for Hari Raya card is 30 sen.

We never had a freer press in Malaysia! A summary:
1 ) English papers: The Star is the only candle in the dark.
2 ) Malay papers: See no evil, print no evil?
3 ) Chinese papers: Courageous in their own ways but Oriental Daily News.... let me see.

And what sort of front pages did we get? This 'Aww....' ones instead:

Yes, we still get the above now. And now, when M is hung out to dry for all to see and when Bedol portrayed as the new Saga-launcher (both car and corridors), this is the front page media circus we get:

And the photos we sometimes get and sometimes don't get.

Yes, Xpyre, soon everyone will forget about the submarines, private jets and nasi kandars.

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