Tuesday, January 29, 2008

BN's 2004 Manifesto Website Removed/Not Found/Domain Expired

Looks familiar?

Via Politics101.

He asked us to give him fresh mandate as 'these things are not easy and take time to accomplish'.


As I came across this from Better Malaysia...

Click image for larger view. Better still, print and distribute it to your family and friends.

...I thought of the above smiling mugshot of that fella. So, I tried to look up what were the 'things are not easy and take time to accomplish' and I found (or rather did not find) this:

Yes, the BN's 2004 Manifesto website has either been removed, not found, or the domain has expired.

But can the smiling mugshot fella be 'removed, not found or expired'? The choice is yours...

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