Friday, January 11, 2008

¡Correcto, Correcto, Correcto, Sí, Sí, Sí, El Lingam Vídeo es Auténtico!

For crying out loud!


You mean The Three Stooges were just goyang kaki all this while and couldn't even determine the authenticity of the tape in the first place?

Estúpido! Sorry, I didn't know that!

Ah, missing girl and CJ-gate again...what a coincidence again this time...

Madrid? More like another 'lawatan sambil belajar tapi lebih lawat daripada belajar' to me!

And the CIA Secret Service of Malaysia (read: SB) is only known to spy and nab bloggers like this one here.

What's next? A trip to Amsterdam 'to determine of the authenticity of CSL's d**k-sucking technique by A.Yam'?

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