Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Still Know What You Did Last Budget 2008...

[Scan by Doc Mave]

Moving to the second thrust of the budget, the prime minister announced the abolishment of school fees for primary and secondary school students.

And the people on the streets interviewed at that time were like kneeling on their knees...worshiping the great Bedol.

And officially on January the 1st:

Some schools wants the pupils to pay for maintenance and repairs. Other payments required include:

Examination papers
Annual sports
Islamic and Moral activities
Malaysian School Sports Council
PAFA record book
School rules & regulation guidebook
Ethics book
Report card
School badge
Sports T-shirt
Track suit
Name tag
Monthly Assessment and report cards

And some pupils even have to pay school’s pee fee. A secondary school in Tanjung Malim is charging students 10 sen if they want to use the toilet during “non-recess” periods. It was reported that the toilet charges started about two years ago and money collected was to be used to repair the toilets.

['The great free school fees', as compiled by Mave]

Yesterday's (Jan 8th) theSun front page:

"Eh, you tak suka bayar, you boleh keluar sekolah?"

You still want more feel good news on front pages?

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