Monday, January 21, 2008

An Ignorant (If Not Dumbass Xenophobic) GEIC


Another contributing factor to crime, where Malaysians are concerned, is the large number of foreigners. Malaysians are upset, if not angry, at the poor enforcement of the police coastguards in stopping the influx of foreigners.

Someone must have forgotten about this. Here, let me reproduce from the above GEIC's paper:


But wait, this is not just the main thing. Here's more:

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a good man. The Prime Minister deserves our support and even as he takes time to meet our expectations, we cannot deny that he has allowed greater democratic space, after 20 years of authoritative and uncompromising rule.

It is an experiment which has led to more debates and, in the process, more controversies, as a result of which some may erroneously perceive the leadership as being too accommodating while some, including politicians and bureaucrats, seem tempted to test, even challenge, the leadership. But they shouldn’t under-estimate the leadership.

Erhmm, wait a minute, why should I even bother blogging about this?

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