Thursday, January 31, 2008

Isn't It NaSTy When You Know theSun is Part of The Star in the Solar MSM System?

When I was a little boy, I always thought that the Sun is always greater, shines brighter and scrotchier compared to the obscure Star.

But not now. The Sun is actually part of the Star in the solar system. So is the Malaysian MSM system.

You've probably got the NaSTy scoop from big shots like Rocky and Jeff.

Vincent Tan says 'Hi' to you all...

The latest casualty? Jacqueline Ann Surin?

Jacky Surin's last column in theSun. Still remember her open letter to The Sleepy Head?

The signs are telling. It really smells Star-esque when you get this as the front page:

This kind of editorial...

And you publish letters like this:

And this is the new line-up...

...and the old line-up, just last Friday (click on image for larger view).



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This may come in a bit late, but have you signed the petition?

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