Friday, January 25, 2008

Just Like The 'Reformasi' Days, Where The 'Shit' Is Overexposed...

Remember this book, a decade ago?

UPDATED: Here's the actual book cover, courtesy of the ever-great Doc Mave.


Book cover depiction only. Actual book cover could not be sourced. Read the book reviews here.

And remember this man? (Read his Wiki entry here)

Author of the book pictured with blogger Gayour (left).

History repeats itself?

Poster by mob1900.

Malaysiakini : "Bullshitting"

theSun: "Bullshitting"

NasTY Pee: "Bull****ting"


MCA Times: "Bragging" only.

"Bulls***ting" (Well, at least there's a 's' clue there)


No, I can't find Lingam 'melembutahi' or '零敢公牛粪' in the vernacular papers. :-)

TheFreeDictionary defines the meaning and the usage of 'shit' as:

shit (sht) Vulgar Slang
v. shit also shat (sht), shit·ting, shits
To defecate.
1. To defecate in.
2. To tease or try to deceive.
1. Excrement.
2. The act or an instance of defecating.
3. shits Diarrhea. Used with the.
a. Something considered disgusting, of poor quality, foolish, or otherwise totally unacceptable.
b. A mean or contemptible person.
5. A narcotic or intoxicant, such as marijuana or heroin.
6. Things; items.
7. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.
8. Insolent talk or behavior.
9. Trouble or difficulty.
10. A small or worthless amount: He doesn't know shit.
Used to express surprise, anger, or extreme displeasure.
Phrasal Verb:
shit on
To treat with malice or extreme disrespect.
get (one's) shit together
To get organized; put one's affairs or possessions in order.
give a shit
To care the least bit.
no shit
1. Used to express disbelief.
2. Used to express contemptuous acknowledgment of the obvious.
shit bricks/a brick
To become extremely worried or frightened.
up shit creek (without a paddle)
In dire circumstances with no hope of help.
when the shit hits the fan
When the situation goes awry; when trouble starts.

This blogger is not really a fan of vulgarity here he's the greatest hypocrite, he uses a lot in his blog but 'when the shit hits the fan', then the 'shit' shall be used in its full glory, without censorship. Moreover, that was quoted in the Royal Commissions, right?

'Enjoy' the video. ;-)

And one 'inconvenient truth' ad:

Oh, while discussing on this bovine topic, I've just remembered on how we are making waves in CNN.


Picture by BHarianHairan.

Addicted to farm animals stories? (Don't you know we all live in an Animal Farm?) Here are some, to be fair. ;-)

"Bedol's Jamnapari Goats Stolen"

"Bloodshed in Parliament"

Source: Malaysiakini; snapshot by Whatalulu.

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