Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kisah Seorang Menteri BN Yang Terlampau (Tapi Tak Mau Letak Jawatan)


Yes, Robin Brant, you must have learnt from your predecessor Jonathan Kent that 'Sacking people is not the Malaysian way.'

Oh, sure he wouldn't, would he? He's just learning from his boss, some speculated, albeit without the videotaping:

Anyway, while on the subject of the [] wife, some say [] married [] on 22 January 2007 while others say he will be marrying her tomorrow, 22 February 2007. Now, which one is true we do not quite know yet but she is already following [] on his overseas trips. In the trip he made to Perth to officiate his brother’s Nasi Kandar restaurant, it seems his daughter, [], went berserk when she found [] in []’s bedroom. Only after [] explained that there is nothing sinister about the whole thing because they are already married did Nori calm down and, like it or not, accept the fact that her father had remarried.

Names omitted to protect the innocents. Read the original speculation here. ;-)

Did he use protection? Was the video 'educational'? The Beebs is already speculating it:

As health minister, Mr Chua has advocated giving out free condoms to reduce the spread of HIV, in the face of religious opposition.

Nrgghhh....hou SOI kah leiiiiiii!!!!

('re so naughty)

No, that's not a scene from the video. I'm just speculating. :P

Quote of the day:

I serve at the pleasure of the PM. I will not allow (other) people to jeopardise or obstruct my duties.

Yes, that's good. Now, bend over.

Meanwhile, Wanita MCA Chief, Ng Yen Yen (which Team is she in?) seems to have some heart-to-heart woman-to-woman advice for Datin Seri.

Click image for larger view. Of the news. Not the video. :D

Nevertheless, here are some news report and an almost 'authentic' video from Politics101.

Will Namewee do a 'Muar Minister' rap for this 'night wild war'? ;-)

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