Friday, February 01, 2008

Ignorable Ink

Compare this...


With these...

I'm a b@stardo, too lazy to put image sources, but they are all from the Google Image 'indelible ink' search.

I fear like Lulu also:

Lulu may not be the most fashionable of persons, but Lulu knows, that nail can be disguised tastefully like this
and no one would be able to see if the nail had been marked before.

this is like having the most expensive front door to secure the entrance of your house, but leaving your back door wide open.
idiots! taking us all on a ride!

But that's not all. Read this:

"This will cost RM2.4mil and the whole procedure will take less than RM1mil to implement." Auditor General's report, anyone?

"Wan Ahmad said he went to India to see what the ink looked like and bought a sample of it." Yet another lawatan sambil belajar tapi lebih makan angin daripada belajar?

“However, our procedure on using it is not based on any country as it has to be developed to suit our own electoral rules." We all know too well what set of 'own electoral rules', don't we?

Wan Ahmad said all presiding officers had been given a guidebook which had the procedures on the use of the indelible ink.

“In our last briefing with them, they have been told of the guidelines on conducting polls, including the use of the ink.

“In addition to this, the commission will issue another guide specifically on the actual procedures involving the use of the ink,” he said.

He said that if necessary, the EC would bring all the presiding officers together to give them a demonstration on how to apply the ink.

Talking about logistics and costs! Embrace the technology, mate! Post a video on Youtube and set up a website on how to use the ink!

Lei wah joong kon cheng ng kon cheng? (You think it is still Bersih or not Bersih?)

No, I'm not talking about your 'OMG, I'm too post to have my preciousssss finger to be dirtied by that nasty ink; I might not vote' thinking. ;-)

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