Friday, February 15, 2008

Outspoken Kota Baru MP Zaid Ibrahim Dropped from Kelantan BN Line-up (For 'Not Toeing The Line'?)

From NaSTy:

I have done my best, says Zaid

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim says he will concentrate on charity and social work
Datuk Zaid Ibrahim says he will concentrate on charity and social work

KOTA BARU: Member of Parliament for Kota Baru and lawyer Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has been dropped from the Kelantan Barisan Nasional line-up.

Zaid, who won in his first attempt in 2004, confirmed that he had been informed of the decision by state BN and Umno chairman Datuk Seri Annuar Musa on Jan 21.

Zaid, 56, said he was not bitter over the move and would continue to support the BN.

"I do not know the reason I was dropped but personally, I feel I have been a good MP. I have done my best.

"I am quite easy. I will serve if they want me to, if not, I will find other things to do," he said at his residence at Pasir Hor here.
Zaid said he would not lobby to be put back on the list or meet the prime minister.

"I didn't lobby (for the seat the last time) and I will not do it now.

"I accept the decision."

Zaid also denied that he would stand as an independent candidate.

Asked whether his supporters would cause problems -- in the past election, they gathered at the state Umno building when there were rumours that he was not chosen -- Zaid said did not know how his supporters would react.

"I have always told my supporters to help out the BN candidate, whoever he is.

"Tonight (last night), I am meeting some of them to convey the message.

"I will now concentrate on social and charity work," he added.


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