Monday, February 04, 2008

Soft Launch of My 'Dream' Project: "Pak Lah's Compendium of Flowery Slogans and Quotes"

Do you know that the biggest flower in the world (co-incidentally also found in Malaysia) stenches?

Aren't you tired sniffing the stench over and over again for too long? Say, for another 4 years more?

Take this old stench for example, just published today:

"Abdullah promises to consider needs of all Malaysians"


Wait a minute? Haven't you heard that somewhere, sometime, but by the same person before?

And this rather 'IQ Ling Ling' (to borrow a quote from Eli Wong) one, also just published today:

"I So Happy You Ministers Don't Fight"


Pak Lah took over the leadership on the 31st of October, 2003. Have you ever wondered how many time he had said 'I'm PM for all Malaysians','Work With Me, Not For Me', or 'I'm Still In Control/I'm Still The PM"?

To borrow a book title by Amir Muhammad, doesn't the PM Abdullah Badawi 'Say The Darndest Things'?

But Malaysians Mudah Lupa. Or at least, M Mudah Lupa, they say. I'd say that 'Pak Lah Mudah Tipu' instead.

Hence the birth of this new blog:

Pak Lah's Compendium of Flowery Slogans and Quotes

satu lagi Projek The Sensintrovert, I'd say. :P

Thanks to Google News, PMO's website and Doc Mave's Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin, sourcing of material - from press releases, interviews, news articles, editorial to newspaper cutting and scans, is relatively easy. But it takes time to C&P, organize, categorize and of course checking for duplication (which is actually hope for). Entries are posted according to their source date. So far, the blog has been updated till February 2004 and it will still take 4 years (of material) to update! So, please be patient and buckle your seatbelts for more whoopa*s cans of worms to be opened, hopefully just in time for you-know-what in March.

Oh, contributions are of course welcome, so drop me a mail or post in the comments sections if I have missed out something or you would like to add more.

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