Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Vote MCA TO Avoid Another May 13th"; Now It's 'You Don't Vote MCA (and Gerakan), You'll Lose Voice in Decision-making"

Previously we have the Noodle Aunty making this threat:

cartoon from benny loh and he's got a lot more cartoons at his blog
OOOOOO Chew Mei Fun.... Lulu Says Its Time For You To GoThis Post A Bit Long, So Lulu Put It On Original Release Date
“If we do not have enough representation in the Barisan Nasional, then to the Chinese community, the lesson of 1969 is sufficient. I think we cannot afford another such scenario.”
erhm... what is the lesson of 1969?

Now, we have the PM making this threat, a 'special' CNY message for the Chinese:


Yeah right. As if those lap dogs have a voice in the Cabinet now.

Isn't it time to shove it up the PM and tell him not to make such threats anymore? Or rather 'carrots' anymore?

You don't remember his 'carrots'? Here, there's a website called 'Pak Lah's Compendium of Flowery Slogans and Quotes' at It's been updated till around July 2005 and there's plenty more to come!

Tell him that carrots are for bunnies. You are not a bunny, are you? ;-)

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