Friday, February 15, 2008

Your Malaysia 12th General Election 2008 Resources

Your Malaysia 12th General Election 2008 Resources

Cropped logo from mob1900. How about a nicer festive logo for us bloggers to put in our blogs, eh, Mob?

First things first, if you still need convincing, visit this:

Malaysiakini has a brilliant website for you to check your voter status, past GE results and fairer coverage of election news and views.


Check your voter status without going to the EC website. Example (click for larger view):

Now you know that 'Badawi' is a glamorous name after all.

MalaysiaToday : Ubiquitously, 24/7.

And the band of bloggers of course, 24/7.

If you still prefer to be brainwashed, you could visit these MSM sites nevertheless:

Berita Hairan (misspelling intended)

NaSTy Pee? Still awaiting Kali's/SIL's brainwashing instructions.

theSun? Ask Vincent Tan.

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