Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And The Scare Tactic and Sour Grapes Begin, And Why They Are Irrelevant Anymore

When there's no news, you create one.

Reality bites in PAS-led Kedah

ALOR STAR: The realities of living and working under a PAS-led Kedah are beginning to take effect.

Hotels and entertainment outlets are already making “adjustments” they deem necessary to suit the unprecedented political environment here.

A top hotel in the town centre here has removed its beer till at the coffee house.

“Beer will still be sold. We just don’t want to make it obvious,” said an executive.

Another hotel is reviewing the dress code for staff.

“We do not think skirts will be suitable any more,” said an official there.

Other establishments used to hosting lavish events are worried that they may have seen the last of such functions under the new PAS-PKR government.

A company official said he has been making his rounds at Wisma Darulaman, which houses the Mentri Besar and state exco offices, to “keep the relationship intact with the new government.”

State PAS Commissioner Azizan Abdul Razak, 68, was sworn in as the new MB on Sunday after the opposition swept 22 of the 36 state seats.

Some business operators here, unsure of what’s in store, are even telephoning their counterparts in Kelantan to get an idea of how things are under PAS-rule there.

In Pekan Cina, Chinese traders believe there would be no major changes.

“The PAS-led government does not have a two-thirds majority in Kedah. So they cannot make whimsical changes,” said one of them. (Power of RPK?)

Anis Ariffin, who operates the popular Zinni women’s accessories shop in Jalan Sultan Badlishah, was unperturbed with the change of government here.

“I expect to sell even more tudung (headscarves) from now,” she quipped.

Yeah, so what???

Tuesday March 11, 2008

DAP has duped voters, says Ka Chuan

IPOH: The DAP has revealed its “true face” to the people by cooperating with PAS to form the next state government, Perak MCA chief Datuk Ong Ka Chuan said.

“All this while, the DAP has been denying that it is working with PAS when they sought the support of the Chinese community in Perak during the campaigning period,” he said.

“After getting their votes, the DAP is doing otherwise,” he said yesterday when commenting on the new ruling coalition government of the DAP, PKR and PAS.

The DAP, he said, should apologise to the voters for having duped them about not working together with PAS when wooing them before the just-concluded polls.

Ong, who is also the MCA secretary-general, said the DAP might even go to the extent of allowing a PAS leader to be the new Mentri Besar.

“How are they going to explain to the Chinese community? The DAP had not been honest right from the start,” he asked.

The DAP should have told the community right from the beginning that they were cooperating with PAS so that the voters would be able to make a wise decision at the ballot box, he said.

“Now the DAP is doing otherwise. I feel sad that the situation has become like this,” he added.

“The people gave the MCA their trust and this is how the MCA is repaying them – by working with an racist and pseudo-Islamist party,” said the newly-elected MP who ran so far away after being whacked brutally by Fong Po Kuan.

Well, the last paragraph above is my modification lar.

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