Sunday, March 09, 2008

Beauty Without Brains?

She's not even blonde! Oh well, it's democracy. She's free to make her choice, but was it an informed choice? ;-)

Miss Malaysia wants unity

Deborah Priya Henry says BN has delivered more than promised.
Deborah Priya Henry says BN has delivered more than promised.

SHE will not be wearing her crown to the Medan Damansara polling centre but today, Miss Malaysia will still make a dazzling choice - the only coalition party which shares one identity.

"Because of my mixed parentage, I want to be represented by a party that caters to the needs of all races and allows freedom of religion," said Deborah Priya Henry.

Deborah, 22, grabbed public attention when she won the Miss Malaysia title last year. In December, she made the country proud by making it to the semi-finals of the Miss World 2007 pageant in China.

Five months away from the end of her reign, Deborah said she is looking forward to casting her first ballot.

"I registered to be a voter a few months ago when I heard about the general election," said the beauty of Indian-Irish parentage. "I hate to be one of those who complain about the government and yet don't vote.

"I believe that our differences should unite, and not divide, us. And as far as I can see, only Barisan Nasional can provide Malaysians with this opportunity."

Deborah is convinced BN has not only delivered what it has promised, but it has also gone above and beyond its call of duty.

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