Wednesday, March 05, 2008

EC Scam

Yeah, beside Malaysia's. Yet another Nigerian 'innovative' way:

"Prof.Phillip Umeadi"

TEL:234-703-922 4638

Dear Friend,

With due respect,i have the liberty to contact you for an urgent business transaction which will be of immense benefit to both of us.I am Professor Phillip Umeadi,a board member of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) here in Nigeria. This Organization (INEC) is responsible for conducting Elections in Nigeria.

Recently the General Election was peacefully conducted throughout the country.A budget of One Hundred and Fifty Million United States Dollars (US$150M) was approved for the purchase of electoral materials,however the amount mentioned above was over inflated by US$30m.Now that the elections are over,we quickly want to transfer this over invoiced balance of US$30m to a safe and reliable foreign account for our personal use.Note that this extra fund is only known to us the members of BUDGET AND STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE, which I am also the Chairman.

We are aware of the fact that our tenure in office will be expiring this year and this is the reason we are soliciting for your assistance in having this over invoiced amount of US$30m to be transferred into your preferred bank account.This is because as civil servant we are not allowed by law to own or operate foreign accounts.We can not wait until we are out of office to have this money transferred to a safe place hence,we intend to use the apparatus of office to our advantage before the inauguration next month.

We are therefore hoping that you will be kind enough to help us in this regard by letting us present you as the foreign Contractor who supplied electoral materials to INEC. We have decided among ourselves to share the fund in the following ratio; 25% for you, 70% for I and my colleagues and the balance of 5% will be used to defray all costs (Local and International).I will give you further details when I hear positively from you. I suggest that you include your contact telephone numbers for faster and direct communications.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Phillip Umeadi
Commissioner,Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

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