Thursday, March 13, 2008

It Is NOT PeKuliaR For The Rocket To Reach Out To The Moon

We Can Do It!

Logo by Ving Lee via Mob1900.


This was actually in my draft but I held it till now as I thought it might a bit amateurish:

No more the Opposition, remember. Here's my short and simple Top 5 things the Barisan Rakyat needs to do now, in order of urgency:

1. From Barisan Rakyat, Barisan Alternatif or whatever Barisan you want to call it. But Barisan Nasional (which means to join them lar)? Hell and f*ck no!

2. Abolish draconian laws immediately - ISA, OSA, PPPA, AUKU et al. Manoharan needs to serve his constituency.

3. Take back the media.
If you can't beat RTM, Media Prima, The Star Group and Vincent Tan, join them! Malaysiakini should go to print for instance. And perhaps a Malaysiakini TV Channel or Malaysiatoday TV Channel perhaps?

4. Reintroduce Local Council Elections.

Suspended after the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation in 1964, the local council is as important as the representation in DUN and DR. No tax without representation, remember? Also, longkangs and streetlights are not the jobs for MPs.

5. Establish an Ombudsman system.
Whether for local goverment, judiciary, police, consumer issues or whatever, I'm sure they will be plenty of volunteers who are not interested in holding public office/politics for it.

Then we can only talk more serious businesses like corruption, crime rates, IPCMC, NEP, etc...

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