Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Malaysia New Cabinet Mininisters' Love Affair With Australia

Michael Backman would love reading this, although I would admit, this is a very lame post. ;-)

Australia, The Land of Appeal....

1. Ng Yen Yen, The Minister with an Aussie PR

Don't we just love this kind of blogging material by Member of Parliament Jeff Ooi?

1. Ng teamed up with Soh Chee Wen, General (Rtd) Mohamed Ngah Said and two Australians to run stock-broking business via New South Wales-based company, Indo Pacific Securities Limited, from April 1992 through May 1995.

2. Ng chose Tusmore, Adelaide, South Australia as her place of residence... living in Australia for approximately three years... and has undertaken substantial business activities concerned with the import of intellectual properties and commodities.

3. Ng was granted and admittedly held an Australian PR from 1990 through 1995.

4. Ng obtained the PR status to facilitate her frequent travelling to Australia to look after her three sons who "were in their early formative years and studying there".

5. Ng and her husband realised the need to be with their children as frequently as possible to "ensure the parental bonding within the family, as well as to ensure that they develop a strong value system and strength of character". This need stopped by 1995, coinciding with her severance of business ties in Indo Pacific Securities Limited.... (and possibly cutting ties with Soh).

6. Ng took her oath of loyalty to King and country, and oath of office as a senator in August 1993, with her PR papers materially tugged in her safe custody.

2. Muhammad Muhammad Taib, The Briefcase Millionaire 'Prestation' Minister

Brought back to fame by RPK, here's more:

Muhammad Taib has not only failed to institute legal proceedings against the Brisbane Courier-Mail, the Queensland newspaper has now come out with a new revelation that Muhammad Taib had acquired more than A$3 (RM5.2) million of property in New Zeland over the past year and registered in his wife’s name.

The Brisbane Courier Mail report, dated 28th June, 1997, under the heading "Politician’s property empire still growing", in a report by-lined Sean Parnell, states:

"The international property empire of an embattled Malaysian politician continues to grow despite concerns over how he funds the massive land purchases.

"Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, a vice president of the ruling United Malays National Organisation, resigned as chief minister of Selangor in April citing The Courier-Mail’s reporting of his activities as a reason for his decision.

"On December 22 last year, Mr. Muhammad was detained at Brisbane International Airport as he was about to board a plane to New Zealand with the equivalent of A$1.26 million in Singapore, Malaysian and New Zealand currency in his luggage.

"Customs officials have alleged that they were not told about the cash, and Mr. Muhammad will appear in committal proceedings in Brisbane’s Federal Court on August 19 on charges of failing to declare cash above A$5000 and making a false declaration.

"The Courier-Mail has revealed Mr. Muhammad and his wife spent a week in Australia - checking on a luxury house being built on the Gold Coast and a 4500ha property in western Queensland - then flew to New Zealand for two weeks after Mr. Muhammad had appeared in court.

"The properties - registered to his wife in her maiden name of Asnan - were purchased last year for more than $3 million.

"It has been discovered more than $3 million of property has been purchased in New Zealand over the past year and registered to Ms Asnan…

"Land title searches have revealed six properties on New Zealand’s north island - in total more than 140 ha - registered to Ms Asnan.

"Documents show a 4573 sq m property in Pakurunga was purchased on June 18 last year; a 1713 sq m property in Otahuhu was bought on November 27 last year for $550,000; and four properties in Mataitai, totalling 144ha, were bought between November 29 last year and March 11 this year.

"Purchase price for the Pakurunga and Mataitai properties were not disclosed on transfer documents, although stamp duty payments indicate a total transaction for the Mataitai properties of about $2.1 million.

"The Pakurunga property was purchased from Hasan B.M.Taib of Singapore, who is Mr. Muhammad’s younger brother. Hasan purchased the property in 1990 for $520,000."

3. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - The Rice, The House and The Sinusitis Surgery

All photos courtesy of MP Jeff.

Malaysia's First Family's family home at 34, Bay View Terrace, Mosman Park, Perth, Australia is currently under extensive and massive renovation works. A house bought by a non-permanent resident has to be renovated at a cost of more than half the purchase price.

The house comprises of the main block, the staff quarters and a swimming pool. The land area is about half an acre to an acre.

The scheduled date of completion of the renovation works is between December 2006 to March 2007 depending on the availability of skilled workers. The total value of the house on completion of the renovation works will be between Aus$8 million to Aus$10 million.