Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Sleeper

Well, not that one. But sleepy loves company. At least he is still not the ex- (some say very soon) and not in ArmNoh's court yet (some want him very soon).;-)

Peru's ex-president Fujimori falls asleep during his murder and kidnapping trial
The Associated Press

LIMA, Peru: The judge in Alberto Fujimori's murder and kidnapping trial is not amused by the former president's struggle to stay awake.

"Mister Fujimori!" Judge Cesar San Martin called out Monday, ringing his bell, after a prosecutor noted Fujimori was asleep at his desk during the testimony of a former army officer.

Fujimori didn't respond.

"He's still sleeping!" San Martin observed, ringing the bell again.

"Mister Fujimori, you were sleeping. Do you have a health issue or are you just tired?" the judge asked.

"I'm exhausted," Fujimori responded lethargically. "The past few days my legs have been numb."

The judge offered medical attention, but Fujimori refused and the hearing continued.

The former president faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of authorizing a military death squad that killed 25 people in the early 1990s who were suspected of being rebel collabators. He denies knowing about the death squad or ordering a dirty war against leftist rebels.

The trial began in December and has continued three days a week, with a two-hour lunch break.

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