Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stupid Constituents Get Stupid MPs/ADUNs Beget Stupid The Star 'Meme' Beget Stupid Answers?

Well, that is exactly what the paper is telling us.

When The Star publicized that they were going to create a section 'Get To Know Your MPs/ADUNs' last week, I was expecting them (can anybody actually expect anything out of the Malaysian MSM) to plagiarize Haris Ibrahim's People's Parliament/Get An MP's idea have no-holds-barred constructive questions (or criticism) posed to your elected representatives. For example, what is their stand on a secular Malaysia, racial politics, Malaysia's standing in globalisation etc. But I was wrong and seriously, can anyone get anything right out of the Malaysian MSM? I should have known better, taking the precedent by Ms. Fried Meehoon's lackluster answers.

Well, all they did was posing a series of templated trivial questions (probably via e-mail interview), not unlike the silly blog meme that you and I got but did not bother to answer all the time. Questions include 'What is your fahverite kahler', 'What is your fahverite ahnimel' to 'Who is your idol' (*wink*wink* bodek opportunity to state your party president).

My MP in the Star Two section.

My ADUN in the Star Metro section.

What humble roots, you may ask? Is it from 'rags-to-cronyriches' tear-jerker kinda story?

No. It turns out to be that not using the computer and singing only Negaraku and UMNO song = humble roots.

The only thing they short of asking is 'How many times do you boink a week' (CSL must know that answer well). But seriously, what has your MP's/ADUN's ability to sing or choice of tea or coffee has to do with how well he/she could serve your constituent well?

p.s. To get a taster on how the major advertisers like GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd are feeding the hungry MSM liars, this is it:

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