Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yes, I Finally Got The 'Personal' Letter From Abdullah Badawi

...and so did others (including the obnoxious one) and if not yet, you are going to receive too. Yes, ALL the more than 10 million registered voters will get the 'personal' ex-PM-signed, sealed, delivered letter, all under the tax-payers' expenses.

He did that to a selected few in 2004. But he now claims to be the 'PM For All Malaysians'; hence the mass viral marketing.

Let's get into the calculations, shall we?

How much is the regular postage now? 30 sen? What about the 4-page printing cost? 40 sen? How much is the envelope? 10 sen? Those make up to 80 sen. Multiply that by 10 million. That's RM 8 million! Fuck-a-doodle-do! Doesn't that already violate the RM 100,000 cap for each candidate? Oh, the EC=BN, BN=EC.

Here's the rest of the content of the letters, which I won't go into details.

Junk mail should rightfully belong to where it should be...either the recycle bin...

...or to wipe your arse with, alongside the propaganda MSM...

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