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Celebrating World Press Freedom Day on May 3 in Malaysia

[Not quite related] Organiser: AAAA

Title: Power of Web 2.0
Date : April 30, 2008.
Time: 3.15 p.m.
Venue: Securities Commission Auditorium, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Official website: AAAA.

1. Organiser: "A group of bloggers in their individual capacities" in association with Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI)

Title: "Bloggers Universe Malaysia: Towards A Civil Society"
Date : May 1, 2008.
Time: 3.00 p.m.
Venue: Lake View Club, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Official blog:

Registration: 2.15pm to 3.00pm


To be chaired by Zorro, from 3.00pm to 4.30pm.

The Topic is: “Fostering Civil Society -- Various Voices”


Welcoming Address: YL Chong-Desi

1. Sdr Ahirudin Attan aka rockybru,
President, National Alliance of Bloggers

2. Dato’ Syed Ahmad Idid,
Ex-Judge; "Judge whose conscience divulged truth 12 years ago and now proved 'correct correct correct' via latest video-clip".

3. Dr Azmi Sharom,

4. Dr Lim Teck Ghee
Director, Centre for Policy Initiatives

5. Sdri Jacqueline Ann Surin,

Q and A: 30 minutes

____________ HI-TEA BREAK _________


To be chaired by Des i,from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

The Topic is: “The Fifth Estate (Bloggers) as Agency for Change”


1. Sdr Jeff Ooi, Blogger-MP

2. Sdr William Leong, Lawyer-MP

3. Sdr Haris Ibrahim, Human Rights Advocate

4. Sdr Steven Gan, Editor-in-chief,
(Apologies: withdrawn, on Urgent Foreign Assignment)

5. Sdr R Nadeswaran aka Citizen-Nades from theSun, award-winning investigative newshound
6. A special Guest Speaker? CONFIRMED: Raja Petra Kamarudin

Q and A: 30-45 minutes

BUFFET DINNER starts punctually at 8.30pm

2. Organiser: Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ)

Title: "Roadmap to Media Freedom"
Date : May 3-4, 2008.
Time: 12.30-2.00 p.m.
Venue: Annexe, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
Official Blog:

The annual World Press Freedom Day is drawing near on May 3. This year, the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) is organizing a two-day event inviting Malaysians to shape the road map to media freedom. If, as people say, all roads lead to Rome, what sort of direction would you, as Malaysians, want to see the media take? How do the stakeholders, i.e media practitioners, and political leaders see the future of media freedom in Malaysia post election?

All events to take place at the Annexe, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

This will be a two-day get together to discuss, give input, and engage with opinion-makers on reclaiming media freedom. There will be public talks, workshop, exhibition, wall-painting, survey and activities to spell out the path(s) towards a future of media freedom. Here is the highlights of the main events:

3 May
Public talk I- Towards Ethical Media

The public rejection of the mainstream media (MSM), the shift towards alternative media during the elections, and the recent boycottof the MSM organized by the People's Parliament can be read as an angry response over perceived unethical and unprofessional media coverage. Most common, the complaint was around biasness and media blackout of the opposition. With the opposition currently receiving relatively more and prominent coverage in MSM due to their big time electoral victory, does it mean that the public has no more reason to be critical of the MSM?

The discussion would take advantage of the spark already ignited to heighten the public awareness on what constitutes ethical media practices, so that participants can move beyond the awareness of biasness and media blackout and are capable of assessing both the MSM and alternative media from a broad ethical perspective. Rather than boycotting the MSM, the discussion encourages an active and discerning media user who embraces both types of media and yet critical of them.

Time: 12:30- 2:00pm

Speakers: Zainon Ahmad, Jacquelin Ann Surin, Wan Hamidi Hamid
Moderator: Gayathry Venkiteswaran

4 May
Public talk II- Towards Media and Information Law Reform

The electoral results opened many windows of opportunity for legislative reform in the area of media and access to information. While many may think that changes at best can only happen in the opposition controlled states, the discussion attempts to impart information on various mechanisms available in introducing and pushing for nationwide legislative reform, specifically on free media and access to information. Participants will be also getting an idea of CIJ's commitment to media and information law reform and lobbying work.

Time: 12:30-2:00pm

Speakers: YB Teo Nie Ching, Andrew Khoo Chin Hock, HR Dipendra
Moderator: Wong Chin Huat

Don't miss out on the weekend space for you to chart the course for the media you want!

3. Organiser: KLAB Team

Title: Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Fair: A Bookish Fair with An Edge
Start time: Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 10:00am
End Time: Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 10:00pm
Location: Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook event website: KLAB 2008!

Oh you ain't gonna find swashbucklers here or how to become rich in 200 pages. You're not going to even get a VVIP launching HIS coffee-table book here. We're literary snoots, we like to believe, but we're edgy, cool and a lot more fun than a titled personality.

KLAB, or the Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Festival, is where book lovers, hipsters, politicos, film-makers, anyone who's anyone who love books which feed the mind and soul and champion causes, gather.

SIRD. Silverfish Books. Gerak Budaya. Matahari Books. Suara-Suara. KiniBooks. These are some of the few names you'll see at KLAB. 15 stalls selling books you must get.

Four book launches. BERSIH photo-book. "Kakiseni" playwriting winners. Aweks KL. Religion Under Siege.

And Hishamuddin Rais' new book, available for the first time.

Book Giveaway - have books to give away for free? Unload them here. And those who want free books, you're limited to only three.

KLAB is is a part of The Annexe's Art For Grabs, the bazaar for art under RM100! Also going on is World Freedom Press Day workshops and rock gigs on both days.


12pm Forum on 'Malay politics Affecting Malaysian Election'
> The panelist will be Liew Chin Tong (MP for Bukit Bendera from DAP & also DAP election strategist) & Wong Chin Huat (WAMI-BERSIH), Ching Tong also wrote a book entitled 'Malay Politics' in Chinese
> Chin Tong will explain his opinion about the Malay sentiments that he had gathered in his book while Chin Huat will relate it to the impact to the recent General Elections)

2-3.30 - Bersih coffee table book launch by Haris Ibrahim
> Welcome speech by Faisal Mustaffa (secretariat of BERSIH and co-ordinator for SELAK)
> Speech by Haris Ibrahim and launches the book
> Bersih after election's : What's next? by Liew Chin Tong (Member of BERSIH Steering Committee & Bukit Bendera Member of Parliament)
> Reading of poem; Seruan Rakyat BERSIH by Rozan Azen Mat Rasip

4pm SIS Forum on Book Banning

2pm Joint book launch: Kakiseni & Aweks KL
4pm Religion Under siege book launch & forum

For more information, email:

Amir Muhammad -
Zulhabri -
Dina -


4. Organiser: The People's Parliament/Boycott The Newspaper Initiative

Title: "Benar: Media Berani Bebas"
Date : May 4, 2008.
Time: 2.00 p.m.
Venue: Annexe, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur
Official Blog:
Facebook Event here.

We are pleased to confirm that the official launch of BENAR will take place immediately following the CIJ forum on Press Freedom.

Time: 2:00 pm

Date: 4th May, 2008

Venue: Central Market Annexe

We will be inviting both the local and foreign media to attend the launch and will explain to everyone our civil action initiative to promote Truth in Reporting. We will also announce the Minggu BENAR of 1st to 7th June, 2008 during which week, everyone will be invited to do what they can to persuade those in control to remove the existing restrictions and allow our journalist community to report without fear or favour.

We will also ask our local journalists to Dare to be Free. Civil society can only raise concerns and offer support. The change has to come from within the journalist community. Minggu BENAR will be the opportunity for them to stand up or walk or do whatever is their preferred mode of expression, to state their case.

There will be a limited number of caps and T-shirts on sale (black with the BENAR logo). The price is yet to be determined but it will be reasonable. Those of you who want to be sure you get one (or one of each), do write in to Birdseye or me to place your booking.

Thank you for your support!

See you tomorrow (only)!

Malaysia Ranks 141/195 Alongside Cameroon and Liberia in Freedom of the Press 2008 Survey

Hat-tip to Kean Jin.

Nevermindlah, always better than Pakistan and Iraq, some say Singapore what!

[Source: Tables feature country rankings and numerical scores for the 2008 survey, Freedom House (in PDF format)]

This is the press release from Washington-based Freedom House:

Freedom House: Press Freedom Losses Outnumber Gains Two to One in 2007
April 29, 2008

Global press freedom underwent a clear decline in 2007, with journalists struggling to work in increasingly hostile environments in almost every region in the world, according to a new survey released today by Freedom House. The decline in press freedom—which occurred in authoritarian countries and established democracies alike—continues a six-year negative trend.

Freedom House will formally present findings from Freedom of the Press 2008: A Global Survey of Media Independence today at the Newseum in Washington. Freedom House Executive Director Jennifer Windsor will also unveil the Map of Press Freedom 2008, a central exhibit featured in the Newseum's Time Warner World News Gallery.

While the survey indicated that setbacks in press freedom outnumbered advances two to one globally, there was some improvement in the region with the least amount of press freedom: the Middle East and North Africa. The survey attributes the gains in the Middle East and North Africa to a growing number of journalists who were willing to challenge government restraints, a pushback trend seen in other regions as well.

"For every step forward in press freedom last year, there were two steps back," said Windsor. "When press freedom is in retreat, it is an ominous sign that restrictions on other freedoms may soon follow. However, journalists in many countries of the world are pushing the boundaries, crossing the red-lines, demonstrating commitment and courage against great odds and we are seeing a greater global flow of information than ever before."

Out of 195 countries and territories, 72 (37 percent) were rated Free, 59 (30 percent) Partly Free, and 64 (33 percent) were Not Free, a decline from 2006. However, the study found that declines in individual countries and territories were often larger than in years past.

Key regional findings include:

* Central and Eastern Europe/ Former Soviet Union: This region showed the largest region-wide setback, with Russia, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan, and several Central European countries, among others, showing declines. Only 18 percent of the region’s citizens live in environments with Free media.
* Middle East and North Africa: More unrestricted access to new media such as satellite television and the internet boosted press freedom regionally. Egyptian journalists showed an increased willingness to cross press freedom 'red lines,' moving the country into the Partly Free category.
* Asia-Pacific: Restrictions on media coverage were imposed in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, and Vietnam’s government cracked down on dissident writers.
* Americas: Guyana's status shifted from Free to Partly Free, while Mexico's score deteriorated by a further three points because of increased violence against journalists and impunity surrounding attacks on media.
* Sub-Saharan Africa: The region accounted for three of the year's five status changes: Benin declined from Free to Partly Free, while the Central African Republic and Niger moved into the Not Free category. Political conflict and misuse of libel laws were key factors behind a number of country declines.
* Western Europe: The region continued to have the highest level of press freedom worldwide, despite declines in Portugal, Malta and Turkey, the only country in the region ranked Partly Free.

The survey, released annually in advance of World Press Freedom Day on May 3, assesses the degree of print, broadcast, and internet freedom in every country in the world. The 2008 ratings are based on an assessment of the legal, political and economic environments in which journalists worked in 2007.

"Improvements in a small number of countries were far overshadowed by a continued, relentless assault on independent news media," said Karin Deutsch Karlekar, Freedom House senior researcher and managing editor of the survey. "We are particularly concerned that while abuses of press freedom continue unabated in restrictive environments such as China, threats are also apparent in countries with an established record of media freedom and in newer democracies in Central Europe and Africa."

The key trends that led to numerical movements in the study include:

* Unrest and Upheaval: Media played a key role in covering coups, states of emergency and contested elections in countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Georgia, and as a result, journalists became prime targets during government crackdowns.
* Violence and Impunity: Violence against journalists and, in many cases, corresponding impunity regarding past cases of abuse was a key factor in determining press freedom in countries as diverse as Mexico, Russia and the Philippines.
* Punitive laws: Media freedom remains seriously constrained by the presence and use of numerous laws that are used to punish critical journalists and outlets.The abuse of libel laws increased in a number of countries, most notably in Africa.
* New media:
Satellite television and internet-based news and networking sources are an emerging force for openness in restricted media environments as well as a key target for government control.

The world's worst-rated countries continue to include Burma, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, and Turkmenistan. In 2007, Eritrea joined the ranks of these exceedingly bad performers, while a crackdown in Burma worsened that country’s already repressive media environment, leaving its score second only to that of North Korea worldwide.

And this is the report on Malaysia:

Status: Not Free
Legal Environment: 24
Political Environment: 23
Economic Environment: 18
Total Score: 65

Malaysian media—traditionally constrained by significant legal restrictions and intimidation—were further restricted in 2007 primarily a result of an escalating crackdown on online media, which has emerged as a primary outlet for free discussion and for exposing cases of political corruption. Meanwhile, the ruling coalition, the Barisan National (BN), invoked traditionally tight restrictions on the mainstream media to prevent coverage of heightened opposition activity toward year’s end.

The constitution provides each citizen with “the right to freedom of speech and expression” but allows for limitations on this right. The 1984 Printing Presses and
Publications Act (PPPA)
requires all publishers and printing firms to obtain an annual operations permit and gives the prime minister the authority to revoke licenses at any time without judicial review. The PPPA has been used by authorities to shut down or otherwise circumscribe the distribution of media outlets for material deemed pro-opposition, against the national interest, or “sensitive.” The PPPA was invoked in March to threaten the opposition paper Harakah for “violating its permit conditions” after ran a front page story criticizing the prime minister, covering controversial toll hikes, and linking the deputy prime minister to a murder case. In September the Tamil daily Makkal Osai was suspended under the same legislation for publishing materials deemed “harmful to public safety.”

The 1988 Broadcasting Act allows the information minister to decide who can own a broadcast station and the type of television service suitable for the Malaysian public. The Official Secrets Act, Sedition Act, and harsh criminal defamation legislation are also used to impose restrictions on the press and other critics and are all punishable by several years in prison. Officials are reluctant to share controversial data and used this restrictive legislation against online media for the first time in 2007 in response to bloggers’ and web sites’ increasing coverage of corruption cases and other controversial matters. In January, defamation charges were first brought against bloggers, accused of plagiarism against the publisher and editor of the New Straits Times, which enjoys close ties to the ruling United Malays National Organization (UMNO) party. In April a BN official brought defamation charges against Malaysiakini, a critical web site, and Nathaniel Tan, another blogger and assistant to the head of the opposition People’s Justice Party, was arrested under the OSA in July. Tan was charged in connection with his commentary related to corruption in the country’s internal security system and was released after his four-day remand expired.

The threat of expensive defamation suits, sackings, media closures, media bans, and unannounced interrogation by the Ministry of Internal Security for any “mishandling” of information generally inhibit investigative reporting. Moreover, a history of political interference in media coverage of issues considered by the government to be against the national interest or “sensitive” has fostered a culture of self-censorship on the part of traditional media. While there has been somewhat greater criticism of official policy in the mainstream print press in recent years, both the print and broadcast media’s news coverage and editorials generally support the government line.

Online journalists have increasingly defied this tradition, however, and in 2007, played a particularly central role in exposing government corruption and covering anti-government protests toward year’s end. In addition to using defamation suits and other legalistic means to silence criticism, the government responded by issuing coverage directives to online media for the first time. A July statement by the government explicitly warned that bloggers who write about “sensitive issues” would be charged under the ISA, OSA, and Sedition Act. Newspapers were specifically warned against covering the “rumors” being reported online. In April, Prime Minister Abdullah rejected a proposal that would require bloggers to register with the government but, in June, convened a task force of BN officials to find legislation that could be used to control online content without contradicting the country’s Bill of Guarantee Against Internet Censorship.

Further, reporting bans issued in July 2006 in connection with heightened tensions related to matters of race and religion were repeated in July 2007 when the media was prohibited from reporting all negative reactions to the deputy prime minister’s assertion that Malaysia has always been an Islamic state. In November, the authorities ordered the mainstream media to refrain from reporting on anti-government rallies and relaying the organizers’ statements; according to Malaysia’s Center for Investigative Journalism, news coverage of the rallies neglected the anti-government stance while reporting on clashes between participants and the police were biased in favor of the police.

Foreign publications are subject to censorship, and the distribution of issues containing critical articles is frequently delayed The government directly censors books and films for profanity, nudity, and violence as well as certain political and religious material. The Malaysian Film Censorship Unit banned a film about former Malay Muslim members of the Communist Party of Malaysia in February for portraying the Communist struggle as noble. Television stations censor programming according to government guidelines; a talk show was banned for contradicting the values of Islam Hadari advocated by the prime minister in February as well.

A business deal between the Malaysian Chinese Association and media tycoon Tiong Hiew King in October 2006 solidified the monopolization of the Chinese press, with all top four Chinese dailies now concentrated in the hands of a firm political-business alliance. Regional press freedom watchdog groups expressed concern in February 2007 regarding a further consolidation of the Chinese media across countries following a proposed tripartite merger among two Malaysian and one Hong-Kong based media groups, all owned by Tiong. Such a merger would create the largest Chinese publication group outside China and Taiwan.

With 60 percent of the population accessing the internet, online media have helped minimize the government’s monopoly of information in the past few years and bolstered the average Malaysian’s access to alternative information sources. Moreover, online media proved a crucial organizing tool and means of publicizing the opposition-led and minority-rights demonstrations in November.

[Source: Draft reports for Freedom of the Press 2008 are available to give analytical narrative explanations for our country scores (in PDF format; jump to page 131].

Read all the reports, charts, methodology and analysis from Freedom House's website here.

Is there hope? Read my next post.

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Jeff Ooi's Car Kena Towed At Parliament

I caught this news from my Google Reader and I was just wondering who that unlucky guy or gal was. Turns out to be...


Dunno whether to laugh or to cry but I guess I'll :DDDDDDD!

What? Is today Jeff Ooi's day or what?

Wonder How Did 'Jeff' In 'Jeff Ooi' Come About?

Got a nickname? How did it come about?

Jeff, I suppose. My Filipino band leader gave it to me many, many years ago because he couldn’t remember my Chinese name.

Also mentioned: Jack Nicholson, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburne and Mahathir.

Read the rest of the article here.

So bloggers makan-gang, when will you all ajak Jeff for sashimi? ;-)

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'Bantu Anak Miskin' or 'Lawatan Sambil Belajar'?

Call them 'desperate housewives' or 'WAGS'; these buggers really know how to spend their 'our' money via the 'poor kid' sob story proxy again (refer to Happy Dick's mansion). Learning it from The Sleepy Head, eh?

Do you see what I see? The moustache...

Just count how many times the phrase 'poor kids' was mentioned.


Go get 'em, Nades and Terence!

UMNO-owned Media Prima Withdraws 'Jom Heboh' Carnival in Pakatan Rakyat States

Media Prima has withdrawn UMNO's open-air propaganda roadshow to fish for votes in Pakatan Rakyat-controlled states.


See the schedule? No Kedah and Kelantan. Will they cancel Penang and Selangor ones also?

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RPK On RTM1's 'Blog' Segment Just Moments Ago

First installment here.

Topics discussed include freedom of speech, Islamic state and good governance.

It's kinda weird the host kept calling RPK 'Raja'. But I guess it's ok as I remembered that RPK once fumed over foreign agencies kept calling him 'Mr. Raja'.

Oh, the host said that he is also a blogger himself.

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RM17 Million Gone In A Month? How About Toyo Wifey's RM10 Million Gone In 3 Days!

Oh, just shut your gob, Toyol!


theSun frontpage April 25, 2008. Context here.

And the latter one's 'masuk poket sendiri', as if you don't know.

Reason 101 Why You Should Join PR : "I Went Down Four Trouser Sizes!"

BN's swindled all the money? Fret not! Here's a new business idea to fill up your coffers. :P

Context here.

And I heard Yun Nam is already knocking on somebody's door for endorsement? :P

The Following Two Pictures Are Totally Unrelated To Each Other...(2)

Part 1 here.


No, I'm no Batu MP. ;-)

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Iran's Missile System in Malaysia: Let Through Customs First, Display First, Then Boot Out Later

Makes one's mind boggle how they could get through the customs in the first place, got displayed and kabooommmsss...


Sounds familiar? C4 got let through police's store, got 'displayed' and ....

And you want him to takeover?

'Molestee' in JJ Case Can Be Charged For 'Misunderstandingly' Lodging False Report: Karpal

Things get more interesting...

Karpal: She cannot legally withdraw report

KUALA LUMPUR: The woman who lodged a police report alleging a former cabinet minister had outraged her modesty at her workplace in a hotel in KL Sentral cannot in law withdraw the report, said Gelugor MP Karpal Singh.

Karpal, a lawyer, said a person who lodged a police report could not at her whim and fancies withdraw a report by way of a letter or statutory declaration. The person ran the risk of lodging a false report and was bound by the contents of the report, he added.

"The police have to investigate the woman's report despite withdrawal of same by her. If the allegations against the ex-minister, as set out in the police report, are true, then the police have no alternative but to take action," he said.

Karpal said this was a serious offence under Section 354 of the Penal Code, which carried imprisonment of up to 10 years or fine or whipping or with two of such punishments.

He said that if it was revealed in the course of the investigation that the contents of the police report was false, then the woman concerned should be charged for giving false information to the police.

This was an offence under Section 182 of the Penal Code, which provided for an imprisonment for a term which may be extended to six months, or a fine which may extend to RM,2000, or both.

Karpal thus called on the police to carry out an in-depth investigation to determine the culpability of the ex-minister for allegedly outraging the woman's modesty, or the culpability of the woman concerned for giving false information to the police.

This would be in the public interest, he said.

The woman retracted the report lodged against the ex-minister, saying that she misunderstood the incident.

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Who You Gonna Call....Graftbusters!


If there's something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

If there's something weird
and it don't look good
Who ya gonna call?

I ain't afraid of no ghosts
I ain't afraid of no ghosts

If you're seeing things
running through your street
Who can ya call?

An invisible hand
seeping in your pocket
Who ya gonna call?

I ain't afraid of no graft
I ain't afraid of no graft

Who ya gonna call?

If ya all alone
pick up the phone
and call

I ain't afraid of no graft
I here it likes the graft
I ain't afraid of no graft
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Who ya gonna call?

If you've had a dose of a
freaky graft baby
Ya better call

Lemme tell ya something
Bustin' makes me feel good!

I ain't afraid of no graft
I ain't afraid of no graft

Don't get caught alone no no


When it comes through your door
Unless you just want some more
I think you better call

Who ya gonna call?

Why is everything '80s coming back two decades later?


JJ Case Kow Tim?

UPDATED: Bringing a whole new meaning to '(Pay), Touch and Go'.

So, the next time you grab a chick's arse and tits and you tell her that you were acting in jest? ;-)

Thursday April 24, 2008
Ex-minister had no intention of outraging my modesty, says lounge promoter

KUALA LUMPUR: The woman who alleged that a former Cabinet minister had outraged her modesty now wants to withdraw her report, claiming she “misunderstood” the incident.

The 30-year-old promoter at a lounge in a five-star hotel here, in a statutory declaration sent to Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail through her lawyer Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, said she was “sensitive and moody” at the time of the incident last Thursday.

She said she had known the former minister over the past five years, and that he had acted in jest without any bad intention. However, she said she felt offended at that time due to her “complicated mood which led to her lodging a police report the next day.

“I realise now that I may have misunderstood the entire episode that took place last Thursday.

“When he jokes, he sometimes likes to touch my shoulder or arms but it is something that I accepted as normal among friends especially those we have known for a long time,” she said in her statement.

The woman also said she regretted lodging the police report, as there was no intention on the part of the former minister, who is still an MP, to outrage her modesty or act inappropriately.

She said she was used to the VIP’s jokes and “rough ways” and had never objected to his actions nor felt offended by it previously.

“I cannot remember exactly the conversation between me and the VIP although in my statement to the police I may have said something else.

“I am afraid I may have misinterpreted or misheard (him). The VIP concerned is known to always joke like that and it is normal for him to be like that,” she said, and apologised for lodging the report.

Gani confirmed he had received a fax copy of the statutory declaration from Muhammad Shafee.

“I will forward this request to the police and it is up to them to investigate and get back to me,” he said.


JJ $$$Kow$$$ tim $$$ liao $$$? Rocky has a Bru for us...

The Departed Blogger (and Blog?)


I don't even know him, so I will redirect you to some of the bloggers having fond recollection of him:

M Bakri Musa: Rustam Sani - Patriot and Intellectual (1944-2008)

Polytikus: Al Fatihah (II).

Nat: Rustam Sani - The Epitome of Wisdom and Generosity

Will his blog go with him too?

Make sure you get your hands on two of his latest books. Not sure whether they are out or not.

Failed Nation? Concerns of a Malaysian Nationalist, Petaling Jaya: 2008

Social Roots of the Malay Left, Petaling Jaya: 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Starfruit Intoxication in Chronic Kidney Patients Might be Due to The Neurotoxin Oxalate

Remember the story on The Attack of The Killer TomatoesStarfruits?

[Pic source]


The Doc might have the info...


...and it could be the neurotoxin Oxalate that might have caused the death.


All the info you need from Google, here.

Now, which genius said that "The fruit itself could not have caused him to go into coma as it is known for its diuretic properties" again?

To check out which food contains low, moderate or high oxalate, visit here.

Police Report on Former Minister for Sexual Harassment in Brickfields

UPDATED: Hamsap JJ...

Now you see it...

The print editions turns out to be different from the online edition, where the reference to JJ is omitted!

Now you don't...

Thank you, Sun!


Just saw the news. A former minister who has been dropped in the latest cabinet lineup (but still won the election) allegedly sexually harassed a female worker in Brickfields on April 14, by grabbing her from behind and uttered lewd words. The former minister is currently overseas and the police will carry out investigations on the minister as soon as the minister comes back.

Since the name was not revealed, The Sensintrovert did a little bit of research. Let us revisit who are the ministers that have been dropped from the latest cabinet lineup.

1. Lim Keng Yaik.
2. Ong Ka Ting.
3. Chua Soi Lek.
4. Mustapa bin Mohamed. He wasn't dropped - he's the Agro Minister.
5. Radzi bin Sheikh Ahmad.
6. Fong Chan Onn.
7. Zainuddin Bin Maidin.
8. Rafidah binti Aziz.
9. Azmi Khalid.
10. Jamaluddin Bin Dato’ Mohd Jarjis.
11. Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.
12. Chan Kong Choy.
13. Shahrizat Binti Abdul Jalil.
14. S Samy Vellu.

Wow, quite a choice, isn't it? Well, if you rule out no. 8 and 14 13 as their Wanita status is confirmed (as compared to a current minister), then you have 12 to pick from.

But based on track record, no. 3 mostly based his sexcapades in the Southern region, no. 9 has a trophy wife, no. 11 has been a sexist to bloggers and no. 14 allegedly has a second wifey in Ipoh.

Take your pick.

Come to think of it, Brickfields is just a stone throw's away from the offices Malaysiakini and NaSTy Pee. Any heads-up? ;-)

Lee Kah Choon Kena Bambu From Koh, Dollah

That, despite the declaration "BN can work with Pakatan in some areas".

Gerakan issues show cause letter to Lee for accepting PDC, IP posts

"The issuance of the show-cause letter was decided during the party's central working committee meeting last night," acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said today.

Gerakan, he said, had previously directed party members to relinquish all appointments as municipal councillors and village security and development committee (JKKK) members in all states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat.

"Therefore Lee's actions are in contravention with the principle and spirit of this general directive of the party," Koh said in a statement.

Koh said the directive was based on the premise that Gerakan now had to play a role as an effective opposition in Penang. "We cannot do this objectively if our own members hold key positions in the state and local administration."

Koh also questioned the political move of the Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng in appointing Lee. "Lee has no direct experience in promoting investment in the industrial sector. So far, he has experience as a lawyer and a parliamentary secretary of the Health Ministry, which is unrelated to the manufacturing industry," he said.

In contrast, the previous state government under Barisan Nasional appointed as InvestPenang executive committee (EC) chairman Datuk Kalsom Abdul Rahman, who was then the Small Medium Industry Development Corporation (SMIDEC) chairman and a former deputy secretary-general of Ministry of Trade and Industry
The executive committee deputy chairman of InvestPenang was Datuk Seri Kelvin Kiew, who is a well-accomplished industrialist with extensive international connections.

"Both Kalsom and Kiew have a wealth of experience in investment and its promotion. As the industrial sector is Penang's most important economic sector, it is not proper for Lim to play politics this way, which may jeopardise the state's effort and ability to effectively attract investment into Penang," said Koh.

April 22, 2008 14:44 PM

Kah Choon Cannot Go Against BN Spirit, Says Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 (Bernama) -- The move by Datuk Lee Kah Choon to accept the posts of director of Penang Development Corporation and chairman of the executive committee of InvestPenang is opposed to the Barisan Nasional (BN) spirit, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Tuesday.

Abdullah, who is also BN chairman, said Kah Choon cannot accept the two posts offered by the Penang state government before conferring with the Gerakan leadership.

The former Gerakan deputy secretary-general must first seek the views and decision of the party leadership on the offer, he told Bernama.

"I want to hear the views of Gerakan acting president (Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon) on this matter.

"Any subsequent action on Kah Choon will be left to the Gerakan to decide on," he added.


Haven't You Had Enough Of All These 'Independent Commission But They'll Have To Report To Me/I'll Make Final Decision' Crap?

Last Friday:

I am pleased to announce to you tonight that the Government is proposing the setting up of a Judicial Appointments Commission to identify and recommend candidates for the judiciary to the Prime Minister. While the constitutional prerogative of the Prime Minister to put forward names to DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong will remain, the Commission will help to evaluate and vet candidates in a systematic and credible manner for the Prime Minister, based on clearly defined criteria.



“There’s always a minister, anywhere in the world, responsible for any institution set up. And I will be responsible for the institution,” said the PM.


Do you buy him? Those were what he was actually selling immediately when he took over in 2003 and after the election in 2004.

Already, there are skepticisms saying that the ultimate power belongs to the Attorney General (read Terence's editorial below) and there's a need to ammend the Constitution for the AG Chambers to be independent also.

Yes, a long road back to credibility. Not 'baru 10 minit turun padang' anymore.

Boleh caya kah? Not that we don't want to kasi dia can lah, but everything he does seem to have his SIL's hand in it. And it's bloody obvious. You see his latest 'flip-flop'...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nation's 'Rice Bowl' or SIL's 'Rice Pot'?

Nation's 'Rice Bowl'...


...or SIL's 'Rice Pot'?


How? 'Halal' rice. Like printing money.

Political Tsunami Around The World

The latest - Paraguay.


Six decades. Wow.

I'm planning of getting my second Ph.D and write a thesis 'The Impact of Blogs and The Worldwide Political Tsunami: A Malaysian Case Study'. Any takers and scholarship offerers? ;-)

The Blood-sucking 楊

Apologies to the other of the 楊 clan, especially Doc. :P

From the front page of theSun today:

Battle of the Two Tycoons: Vincent Tan vs. Francis Yeoh?

You pay – even if you don’t use ERL
Terence Fernandez and R. Nadeswaran

PETALING JAYA (April 21, 2008): Passengers who fly off from Sepang have been paying an additional RM2 to RM6 in airport tax for the last six years – no thanks to a lopsided deal between the government and Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERLSB) which operates the Express Rail Link (ERL).

The KLIA Express connects KL Sentral and KL International Airport.

According to sources, under the terms of agreement for the RM2.8 billion ERL project, a portion of the airport taxes that departing passengers pay goes to the company – RM2 for domestic passengers and RM6 for international travellers from KLIA as well as the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

It is learnt that the rationale behind the concession agreement signed in 1997 is to ensure a return on investment for the service which started in 2002.

YTL Corporation holds a 50%-stake in ERLSB, which is responsible for building and operating the high-speed rail link. Tabung Haji Technologies Sdn Bhd holds 40% and Nadicorp Holdings Sdn Bhd the remaining 10%.

ERLSB operates under a 30-year concession, including an option to extend for another 30 years to own and operate the express rail link. The ERL faces competition from other public transport operators due to its fare of RM35 for a one-way trip.

Airport tax for KLIA is RM45 for international travellers and domestic passengers pay RM6. Airport tax for departures from the LCCT is RM6 for domestic and RM35 for
international passengers.

KLIA handled about 25 million passengers last year and the LCCT about eight million. “Half of these figures were departing passengers, which means ERL would be receiving in the region of RM80 million a year (from airport tax),” said a source.

Now you know why that four-eyed fucker wants to build the KUL-SIN bullet train?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Kadir Jasin The First Blogger To Appear on Shabery Cheek's 'Blog' Segment on RTM1

Shabery promised it. And As Seen on TV. First blogger(?), Abdul Kadir Jasin.

I could almost literally touch KL Tower from where I stay but that's the 'best effort' reception quality you could get for the nobody-watches national TV stations.

Jeff Ooi (or Oi, as mentioned by the host) and Rocky's Bru were mentioned.

And yes Kenny, you were mentioned on TV.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Utusan Malaysia Photoshops Tun Salleh Abbas as Frodo (Hobbit) Meeting Gandalf (Dollah) at Bar Council Dinner

OK...just one political stuff on weekend.

Hat-tip to Shadowfox.

WTF? How dare they made our beloved PM's hand cacat like that?

The original link is here.

In case they delete the photo, the PDF copy here.

Like that, it makes this poster looks like this really happened at the Bar Council dinner.

[Mob's poster]

Friday, April 18, 2008

Politics-free Weekend: Movie Review on The Forbidden Kingdom

Read my movie review on The Forbidden Kingdom, starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li, in my movie blog - The Sensimovielert.

Have a nice weekend! :-)

First Ever 'Datuk' For DAP?

A DAP politician with a 'Datuk' title is so rare and unheard of and this could be the first time the God-knows-how-long political party could get one after God-knows-how-long-Datuk-titles-have-been-given-out? Correct me if I'm wrong.


WSFFM Learning It From Mat Tyson: Auditor Wrongly Translated 'Persembahan' into 'Entertainment'

So conveniently 'I tak tahu Engrund', eh?


To quote:

As WSFFM patron and former Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said distanced herself from the allegations, foundation officials told the New Straits Times yesterday that the whole matter was "a genuine mistake committed by their auditor".

WSFFM secretary-general Wan Marina Am said the auditor had wrongly translated the word persembahan into "entertainment" and used the word in the annual report.

She said persembahan "encompasses expenses covering ceremonial events, the opening and closing ceremonies, and prize-giving ceremonies".

The auditor who made the "mistake", Wahyudi Sugiono from the auditing firm Zamzuri & Co, was also present and admitted to making the mistake.

Marina claimed that the term "entertainment" had previously been used in the accounts prepared by the organising committee of the Arafura Games in Australia.

So, can someone 'accidentally' C4-ed someone and said that they did not understand the English instruction on how to use C4?

Oh well, at least the ACA starts investigating what Citizen Nades reports in theSun.

Here's another report:


To quote an interesting fact:

The minister is the chairman of the NGO which receives grants from the Government.

Now, how can an organisation having a governmental minister and receiving funds from the Government be called a NON-governmental organisation (NGO)?

Oh, I just remembered. Remember these bimbos ?


And earlier, these Ayam-led buggers:


NGOs in Malaysia stands for Nak GOreng lagi a.k.a. BN politician's personal bank account.

Poster by Mob.