Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dearest Bob, Are You Alright...Luv, M (Part 2)

Dearest Bob,

Are you alright, somewhere out there? I'm starting to worry sick when I still do not get any reply from you since I wrote to you yesterday. And damn Sleepy! He still doesn't get it! I know you'll be missing our timber there. Give me a call as soon as you receive this, will ya? You need someone to talk to and vice versa here too. :)

Rumour has it that you're here already! Perhaps in Cheras? The bloggers wrote that you have 'huge business interests' here. Damn those bloggers! You'll hate them and you'll love them at the same time. Have you embraced them yet? Perhaps you should. Look at me, I have plenty of worshiper bloggers here already.


p.s. Don't worry, I'll chip in some royalties for you in my second part of my 'letters' book.

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