Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Howsy Reviews The Latest Mobile Broadband in Town, U Mobile

Yeah, finally settled in Kay El since last weekend - hence the hiatus. Need to get broadband access, or I'll be bitching like last time! After weighing big brother options like Ananda's, TMNut's (Screamyx or Celcom - read Donald Tan's painful experience here) et al, I've made up my mind to contemplate between Izzinet or U Mobile. And guess you now know which one did I choose.

Between the choice of RM66/month (for PCMCIA User Terminal)+ RM 82 activation fees + 1Mbps = RM 874 upfront annual payment for Izzinet and RM 78/month (for HSDPA USB Modem; 2 year commitment needed) + RM 50 activation fees + up to 3.6Mbps = RM 50 on-the-spot payment for U Mobile, guess that the choice is obvious.

Izzinet's offer.

Here's what you get when you pay the RM 50...but you have to wait at least two days for activation.

The speed? Check out yourself.

At least better than the unreliable TMNut Screamyx, I guess. But still very pathetic. Can't even have a decent cam chat. I still have 7 days to return the modem and get back my activation fees. Shall I do so and try Izzinet instead? Any similar or Izzinet users out there? How's the speed and coverage?

p.s. U Mobile is a Vincent Tan company.

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