Monday, April 07, 2008

Partnership With Singapore Press Holdings: It's Now The Star's Turn To Create Malaysia's Version of STOMP (After The Failed moNSTer Attempt)?

Wow, what a long title. Now that I've fitted everything and got your attention, here it goes.

If you haven't heard about it (or maybe didn't even give a damn about it), here's the scoop:


Yes, STOMP is owned by SPH. And we all now how press freedom is down South.

Well, you must have remembered the MoNSTer Blog, supposedly 'holistic' blog aggregating the so-called 'known among peers' bloggers. What happened to it now? Elitist bloggers all gone and nothing mere than a mirror site of their parent paper?

For the record, NaSTy Pee is not the single MSM trying to do a much more earlier 'ShazimanShabery' (you know what I mean) to bloggers. After the lackluster 'Citizens', the AMBP is creating quite a buzz in the blogosphere, I understand, besides throwing out sweeties for ants to grab (very much like what their political owner was doing).

The 'buzz' in the blogosphere.

After sulking sour grapes (like crying boohoo of what had happened to MoNSTer), will there be a second Malaysian version of 'STOMP'? Will the lure rub shoulders again with the poster boy for FMADS (Foreign Media Agency Down South) too strong for them to resist again? Looks like the first step has already been taken. Say, like starting with by whoring banking on some 'known among peers' bloggers? It seems that there might be a possible comeback. MSM of a feather flock together; they don't have to change their name too much though - just replace the 'e' with 'a', if you know what I mean.

That's the end of my sweet short post. We'll keep our fingers crossed. :-)

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