Friday, April 18, 2008

WSFFM Learning It From Mat Tyson: Auditor Wrongly Translated 'Persembahan' into 'Entertainment'

So conveniently 'I tak tahu Engrund', eh?


To quote:

As WSFFM patron and former Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said distanced herself from the allegations, foundation officials told the New Straits Times yesterday that the whole matter was "a genuine mistake committed by their auditor".

WSFFM secretary-general Wan Marina Am said the auditor had wrongly translated the word persembahan into "entertainment" and used the word in the annual report.

She said persembahan "encompasses expenses covering ceremonial events, the opening and closing ceremonies, and prize-giving ceremonies".

The auditor who made the "mistake", Wahyudi Sugiono from the auditing firm Zamzuri & Co, was also present and admitted to making the mistake.

Marina claimed that the term "entertainment" had previously been used in the accounts prepared by the organising committee of the Arafura Games in Australia.

So, can someone 'accidentally' C4-ed someone and said that they did not understand the English instruction on how to use C4?

Oh well, at least the ACA starts investigating what Citizen Nades reports in theSun.

Here's another report:


To quote an interesting fact:

The minister is the chairman of the NGO which receives grants from the Government.

Now, how can an organisation having a governmental minister and receiving funds from the Government be called a NON-governmental organisation (NGO)?

Oh, I just remembered. Remember these bimbos ?


And earlier, these Ayam-led buggers:


NGOs in Malaysia stands for Nak GOreng lagi a.k.a. BN politician's personal bank account.

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