Tuesday, May 06, 2008

10,000 Against 300

Protest against the most homo-erotic Hollywood film evarrr? Bah!

Iranians protest to Malaysia over program to show anti-Iran film
Kuala Lumpur, May 6, IRNA

Iran's ambassador in Malaysia Mehdi Khandaq-Abadi and a group of Iranians residing in that country protested on Tuesday to Malaysian government over a program to screen an anti-Iran movie by Malaysia's cable TV late May.

In a meeting with Malaysia's Minister of Information Ahmad Shabery Cheek, the Iranian ambassador strongly protested to the Malaysian minister over the program to show the movie on Malaysia's Astro cable channel.

Iranians take film 300 as negligence of civilization of the great nation and an affront to national identity.

The channel planned to show the disgraced movie on May 25.

Several Iranians were present in the meeting.

They submitted a protest note to Shabery Cheek on behalf of over 10,000 Iranian residents in Malaysia about screening of the Hollywood movie which is an effort to slander the Iranian people and their civilization.

The film is a Warner Bros. Pictures production based on a novel by Frank Miller.

It has fabricated history in depicting a war between ancient Iran and Greece and depicted Iranians as demons, cultureless and without feeling or humanity, who think of nothing except attacking other nations and killing people.

The movie lacks historical credibility and pictures the ancient Persians as a cruel, blood-thirsty nation, despite the historical fact that they have been very modest, friendly and culturally very rich.

Iran's officials described the Hollywood's insulting movie as "a hostile behavior which is the result of cultural and psychological warfare."

Many of the Iranian angry citizens have so far, reacted to the story in their own special way including publishing a petition by an Iranian citizen against the movie on the Internet which referred to the film as "irresponsible, unethical and unscientific."

The petition was singed by over 35,000 visitors.

Even an Iranian archaeologist, Hamed Vahdati-Nasab, has led a protest against Warner Bros. and the movie.

"Announcing our disgust at such a heresy, we demand an immediate historical review and quick apology from the responsible people," he said.

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