Friday, May 16, 2008

Parliament Promoted From Zoo To Primary School

Gone were the pigs, monkeys, big foots and other simian-like species of animals that you could think of.

Now, it has been promoted to a primary school. At least for now.

'Students' are now being told by 4th floor 'teachers' to read from texts. Word by word.

It seems that they have poor memory, short-lifespan memory or just too afraid of 4th floor 'teachers'.

But 4th floor 'teachers' are in fact very kind to their 'students'.

The 'teachers' revise with the 'students' past-year 'examination' questions. And make them memorize the templated answers.

Even in essay-writing.

Oh, 'forecasted questions' are provided also.

But sometimes, 4th floor 'teachers' have access to real 'examination' questions. They are involved in the question-setting panel after all.

That's where the leak questions came about. Some call them 'planted questions'.

You see, the 'examination' is all about regurgitation.

But sometimes, as mentioned earlier, 'students' have poor memory.

Even though forecasted questions, leaked questions, or planted questions (whatever you want to call them) are provided, not only did they not get the facts right for the questions, the 'students' got caught bringing in 'notes' to the 'examination hall'!

And then, they were shamelessly caught with their pants down regurgitating the wrong answers openly under broad daylight!

Subsequently, it is natural for the 4th floor 'teachers' to defend them, saying that their 'students' are smart enough to have anticipated the questions (not so sure about the caught with the pants down part). Bad 'students' reflect bad on bad 4th floor 'teachers', innit?

Don't blame them, they are just products of the 'system'.

And we all know what the 'system' is, don't we? It starts with a big and vulgar capital 'U'.

Happy Teachers' Day!

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