Monday, May 19, 2008

Possible MSM Front-page Headlines for Tomorrow

UPDATED May 20, 2008: Now, here's the real deal. How many did I get correct?


Apart from the word 'quit', can we expect more like these?


"I Go My Own Way"

"No, I'm Not Mocking Celine Dion!"

"Me and my wife and Sanusi. Wanna join us 3some?"

"Ada Had. Ada Hari."

"Entah-entah dia paham ke tok"

"Karnival Jom Letak Jawatan Kurang Dapat Sambutan Ramai"



"不送了, 老马!"

And probably NaSTy Pee will look like these:

"Tantrumic Tun Terrifies Terribly"

"Wohoo! Good Riddance of Rice-pot Breaker!"

"Khairy, Kamal and Kali To Get More Projects"

"Quit, Quit
Lah! You're Not Our Political Master Anymore!"

"While Someone Quits, We Still Have:

Nargis Cyclone
Sichuan Earthquake
...and some say Penang tremors"

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