Friday, May 02, 2008

Scenes From Around BUM 2008 at Subang Jaya

No. That was not a scene lah!

Wow, been out for almost 12 hours and Mahathir's (who wasn't there) already started blogging , TV Smith's (who was there) cam fell into the river and Shabery's RTM (who was there) may not be telecasting 'live' our Members of Parliament (some were there) anymore.

Jeff's generous door gift. He couldn't be there but recorded a speech instead.

Part of the panel of speakers.

He needs no introduction.

Dr. Lim Teck Ghee.

Rocky being interviewed by RTM.

The coolest lecturer in Malaysia, Dr. Azmi Sharom.

Jacky Surin promoting her Malaysiavotes.

Political secretary to Selangor's MB, Nik Nazmi!

MP William Leong.

Haris Ibrahim.

Citizen Nades.


Group portrait.

The two lambs.

Malaysiakini already has the story here.

The other mainstream press were busy filing their reports; so watch out for the news tomorrow. So far, the event has not appear on RTM. Maybe on the 'Blog' segment (the host was there) on Sunday.

Doc Mave has blogged about it here.

2009 = 3 lambs? ;-)

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