Thursday, May 29, 2008

Should We Continue Giving MSM Chances If They Keep On Publishing Factually Fatally Flawed news?

Nevermind if the deputy VC is a cuckoo, this Bintang says that UTM is the first university in ASIA to offer BSc.(Forensic Science).


But everyone should know that USM has been offering the same course since ages, but then again, they have to sit for a license to kill first be at least a police cadet first before working for the BMC-lin Wall Builders Defenders Association.


Oh, if you include India as Asia (since we always claim that Malaysia is the only one and truly Asia), they too, offer BSc in Forensic Science. Even diploma.

Perhaps we should organise another F-ing walk called 'Free and Fair Media from Factually Fatally Flawed News'!

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