Thursday, May 08, 2008

Virginal Vigil...Or Not Quite

All set...

"My Blogger Went To Dataran Merdeka and All He Got For Me Was Big-Ass Mugshots Of..."

Cheh! Poh Chi! *slaps forehead*

Reason? Police block lar! Cannot even enter!

While all the snatch thieves, rapists and paedophiles roam free, and big-ass mugshots fella swindle our money, is this all what they can do?

No, I'm a law-abiding person and I didn't spray this graffiti.

Didn't even know where the hell Lulu was and knew Haris got called up by Peace Hill.

And then Chief Photoshopper and the Padan Muka Ko guy were there and the press (and stranded bloggers) had at least something to satisfy their snapping desires.

Not sure if 7-eleven was selling candles and paper cups but they are really making a brisk business. An innocent lady waiting for bus (me thinks) asked us what the hell was going on at Dataran Merdeka and before I could tell her, she said 'Reformasi' ke? And I said "You tau siapa RPK ke?"

Everywhere was fucking cordoned off!

What to do with the candle? Light it at home lar!

More coverage from Tony Yew, who had exclusive entry to the Royal Selangor Club where the not-quite vigil was held.

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